We love that POUND is a workout that meets you where you are. It welcomes everyone and elicits personal growth and individual style. To us, our clothes are an extension of our personalities and because of that, we love rebelling from everyday workout gear and spicing things up at the gym.

We also have a work-with-what-you-have attitude when it comes to almost anything. That’s why we’re giving you the low-down on our DIY Rocker Tees. Go rummage through your local thrift store, grab your favorite shirt in the POUND shop, or hit the mall! We picked up this Rolling Stones distressed tee at Forever 21 for only 12 bucks!

STEP 1: Find a tee with your favorite rockstar
STEP 2: Cut the collar

Gently cut right along the collar of the shirt starting at one shoulder and going tramadolmain.com smoothly all the way around.

STEP 3: Cut the sleeves

Gently cut right along the seams of each sleeve, creating a tank out of your tee.

STEP 4: Flip it over and outline the bottom

Remove the collar and sleeve pieces and draw a straight line along the bottom to follow with your scissors. We wanted to keep the quote so we cut right above it and saved that piece to use later.

STEP 5: Make the bottom cut!
STEP 6: Soul Patch

Our Rolling Stones shirt had an amazing quote on the back that we wanted to keep! So we created a SOUL PATCH out of it 😉 Take a quote on another shirt or your favorite part of any shirt/material and pin it on the back of your Rocker Tee with some safety pins.





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