We asked our Hair and Makeup expert, Amber Bruehl, for a work-to-gym-to-wherever hair do… she worked her magic and we LOVE IT! Try the Triplet Braid Pony for your next POUND class!

Supplies needed:

  • Fine toothed comb
  • 1 elastic hair tie (two for extra thick hair)
  • 3 mini alligator clips
  • Hairspray

Step One:

Give your hair a good spray with a light to medium hold hairspray and use the comb to give it a light tease to create texture. A little messy is a good thing. 😉

Seperate sections

Step Two:

Separate the top half of your hair as though you are going to create a “half up, half down” pony tail situation. From there, separate the top half of your hair into three separate sections, using the comb to create a clean part for each section. Use the mini alligator clips to keep sections separated.


Step Three:

French braid or braid all three sections from the front hairline back and upward to meet at the base of the crown. The braids don’t need to be perfect: Again, a little messy is good. Re-clip and secure each braid with the mini alligator clips.

K - HairStyle - Steps-2

Step Four:

Pull all of the remaining loose hair up into a high pony tail and secure with the elastic band. Carefully remove the alligator clips and use your fingers to loosen the braids and give the front a little volume. Remember, ‘perfection’ is not the key!

Optional: To hide the elastic band, separate one small strand of hair and wrap it around the base of the pony tail. Secure it by tucking the end into the elastic band or with a bobby pin.

Step Five:

Give it all one final spray and a light tease. Go out, enjoy your day, and ROCK IT. 🙂

ROCK this hairstyle

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