You guys always ask us where we get our gear and we listened! We put together our favorite workout gear for today’s #OOTD — plus a couple extras! Grab these 5 goodies and hit your favorite class (or #hitthestreet) to power through the rest of your Monday!

The POUND Girls’ Workout OOTD:

  1. Pants – Athleta Cosmic Chaturanga Tight (and they’re ON SALE!!!)
  2. Any baggy, comfy muscle tee – we love repurposing baggy t-shirts into comfy workout tops
  3. A super cute sports bra – always adds a pop of color 🙂
  4. Frends Headphones – ICYMI adding music makes for a more effective workout!
  5. Ripstix – because you can’t POUND without ’em!

A few weeks ago, we hopped over to NYC to the Well + Good NYC Sweat Series with Athleta!! It should come as not surprise that we LIVE in workout gear and we were really excited that one of our favorite blogs partnered with one of our favorite fitness fashion brands. When it comes to workout gear, we prefer cute and comfy: funky printed leggings mixed with a baggy top — and of course a cute sports bra peeking out from underneath 😉

We want to see YOUR gym fashion, posse! Post your WORKOUT #OOTDs on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter! And check out our #SweatSeries pics below! 😉

Sweat, Style, and Stix!

The POUND Girls

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