03 Jan Welcome To The Year Of The Bolt

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Good Morning POUND POSSE,

You might have noticed over the course of the last year that a little symbol has snuck its way into our branding. The simple definition of lightning is a collision of elements that create an electric charge. Native Americans believed that the lighting bolt symbolized honesty, truth and morality. The Greeks held lighting as a symbol of intuition, strength and spiritual illumination while the Celts saw lightning as a metaphor for human emotions. They believed that these bolts of energy could potentially tap your most primal, basic emotions - igniting a deeper understanding of self.

At POUND, we believe that movement, music and primal rhythms can spark change, evolve minds, and elevate communities. We believe that although we are not all the same, as independent elements, we can join together, create a spark and ignite movement in the world. As many of you know, a POUND class isn’t just a fitness class. Something magic happens when you sink into the first beat drop, begin moving with the humans around you and truly connect with your inner rock star.

This year is about that. This year is about not only standing for something, but creating action. This year is about taking our support for each other to another level. This year is about being LOVING, ELECTRIC, and LOUD.

As I look back at 2016, nothing makes me prouder than the community we have become - and when I look to 2017, I find myself brimming with excitement. Let’s spend the year standing against the “after” picture and focus on the process, the journey, the dreams - and what ultimately makes us who we are when we hit the finish line. As individuals we will have moments of weakness, moments of stress, and moments of self-doubt.  But as a community we will rise, remain strong, never let each other down and be the flash that lights up the entire year.

Before you embark on your 2017 journey, remember that your body is magic and your journey through life is one to be grateful for. Take time to find and celebrate the people, places and things that ignite you, spark you and move you.

Cheers to an ELECTRIC year.


Peace, Love & Ripstix,
Kirsten Potenza, CEO + Co-creator



  • Avatar of momo foster
    momo foster
    Posted at 15:03h, 03 January Reply

    Hell yesssss!!!! I can’t wait to show this to Deus, my 15 yr old son, who has asked to get the lightning bolt tattooed for his 16th birthday! And not to mention my Poundsie, Amy Ward aka Talls, and I will be getting one this year too!

  • Avatar of lindsy tate
    lindsy tate
    Posted at 16:13h, 03 January Reply

    So very excited about this 🤘☇☇☇

  • Amy Ward
    Posted at 18:17h, 03 January Reply

    Love this!!!!! So excited for 2017 & can’t wait to get my bolt tattoo!! Momo and I have been talking about it for months!!! ⚡️⚡️

  • Marielle Dewit
    Posted at 23:49h, 03 January Reply

    Our Coach (Village en Forme) started with us 02 January 2017 the Pound,…yes it’s great and Magic!

  • Jessica Ruth
    Posted at 13:46h, 04 January Reply

    Loving, Electric and Loud…I’m all in!!! #powerofpound

  • Stephanie Whitson
    Posted at 07:52h, 19 January Reply

    Love this!!⚡️🎸❤️ I just became a Pound Pro through the New Braunfels, Texas training & Amanda McVey was Life-Changing for me! Thank y’all for your vision & focus: Loving, Electric, & Loud in 2017, as well as Focusing on the Process, the Journey & the Dreams! I am stepping out of my comfort zone & Sharing this incredible Pound experience & journey with others!!! Yes🙌🏻#rockoutworkout #fitnessrebel #passionateaboutpound #poundfit

  • Renee Parham
    Posted at 21:15h, 25 January Reply

    Love This Community! #make noise #electric
    POUND is changing lives 1 tap at a time 💚

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