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Next stop on the #REBELTRAIN 🚂 Rock + reset with us on Tuesday, 10:30AM BST for a free, virtual @poundunplugged master class with our London ICONs, @mckeejess + @kyliedancefitnessbond.

After class, @ashleyrodrigueswellness, LPCC PMHC, is back + will be explaining what core values are and how to identify and connect with them in order to help bring meaning, direction and fulfillment to your life. Link to sign up on your rebel train dashboard! 🕺

The verdict is in, our Green Light Smoothie is ICON @mvpfitlife approved ✅ You can find this + other  recipes to nourish your mind, body + soul on your #REBELTRAIN dashboard under the FUEL tab.

Now for your mini challenge 😜:

We challenge YOU, TOURmate, to schedule in AT LEAST one recipe or ritual from our booklet during Tour to Summer, post a pic or video + tag us so we can reshare. (AND possible repost 👀)

Comment CHALLENGE ACCEPTED if you’re in 🪩
Rocking the #REBELTRAIN isn’t just about daily movement + recipes (although that’s a part of it 😉)

It’s about scheduling + structuring your life to make way for the goals + destination you ultimately want to be at by the end of this journey.  AKA: Laying down the tracks.

How you can ROCK this ride:

- Use your Rebel Train Timetables under the SCHEDULE tab. Here, you can print out your weekly + monthly schedules.

- Plan out the goals you want to achieve + how. Your weekly schedule has a space to set your: intentions, priorities, habits, plans + reflections. Take advantage of these spaces! 

- Plan your recipes + rituals! We have a whole booklet under the FUEL tab for suggestions on how to fuel your MIND, BODY + SOUL - but you don’t have to use ours! Plan your own based on what feels right for you.

- Plan your daily movement. Whether you rock out with your besties in class, take a jog or choose a POUND workout from the 8 options available to you under the MOVES tab, write down how you plan to move!

- Document your journey in your travel journal! You can find it  under the DOCUMENT tab. This will help you remember your TOUR Journey when you’re ready to submit it for the ultimate prize. 🕺

It may seem overwhelming at first, but trust us, once you’ve structured out your life, even for the next few days, you’ll realize how much free time you have + how easier life will become!

Now, TOURmates, your mini challenge for the day:

 Comment down below:

- 1 intention for this week
- 1 priority
- 2 habits that will help you achieve your intention // priority 

Better yet, post your filled out schedule to stories so we can see + reshare! #tourtosummer2023
🪩 Enter to win the trip of a lifetime 🪩

SURPRISE, TOURMATES 🕺 In addition to spending 28 days moving, resetting your compass and CHOO CHOOIng with thousands of your bandmates on the #REBELTRAIN, you’ll have the opportunity to submit your TOUR journey for the chance to win $1,000 in cash towards the destination of your dreams!

Haven’t gotten your ticket yet? There’s still time! The best part? Tour To Summer is completely FREE + VIRTUAL. Head to our link in bio to sign up + join us!

Guidelines of the prize will be posted and submissions will open June 19th so stay tuned!
In honor of our first week of #TOURTOSUMMER2023, we’re turning this turn it up Tuesday into a TOUR it up Tuesday 😜

Are you on the #REBELTRAIN yet? Because our next stop is TOMORROW 🔥 We’re stopping in Dubai to rock with these two badass ICONs, @maria_heaven + @ezy7, for a FREE, VIRTUAL 30-minute POUND Rockout Workout master class at 5PM UTC Wednesday, May 24!

But that’s not all, TOURmates, this week we’re focusing on laying down the tracks of your 28-day journey. After the master class, licensed Therapist + expert in creating structure, @ashleyrodrigueswellness, will be hopping on to share insights into the art of scheduling and how structure can create freedom and space for creativity in your life.

To attend this virtual session, sign up for free on the Schedule or Move tab on your Rebel Train Dashboard!

Haven’t gotten your ticket yet? It’s 100% FREE + VIRTUAL - so why not 😉 Link in bio!
CHOO CHOO 🚂 All aboard the #REBELTRAIN it’s day 1 of our 9th annual TOUR TO SUMMER Journey 🪩 Let’s face it, we all have our good + bad days. So tell us, TOURmates, what’s the one most impactful thing you do that influences a good day? Drop it in the comments for those that need inspo on improving those not so great days!

This week, we’re focusing on LAYING DOWN YOUR TRACKS. Once the tracks are laid, we can sit back, relax and enjoy the ride. Similarly, scheduling our days (especially time for creativity, family, joy, movement, etc…) creates a structure for us to thrive in. Your time is precious and your brain’s bandwidth is limited, so create some structure and watch the FREEDOM rollll in.

If you haven’t yet, head to your TRAIN DASHBOARD and locate your Rebel Train Timetables under the schedule tab to block out time for anything you know you want to accomplish, as well as your ✅Movement, ✅Fuel and when you’ll ✅Document it.

Your dashboard also contains 8 FREE Backstage workouts under the MOVE tab as well as recipes + rituals to fuel the mind, body + soul under the FUEL tab. Your next stop? Wednesday’s POUND Rockout Workout virtual master class with ICONs @maria_heaven + @ezy7 AND, after class, a workshop on the Art of Scheduling with Licensed Therapist @ashleyrodrigueswellness at 5PM UTC!

If you haven’t yet, it’s never too late to sign up! Head to our link in bio to get all the fun tools + goodies needed to get your ticket for our FREE + VIRTUAL self-care journey. 💚
Looks like some of our ICONs from all over the world have hopped on the REBEL TRAIN to our 9th annual  TOUR TO SUMMER starting on Monday, have you grabbed your ticket yet?? 🪩

If so, how about a lil pre-game challenge 😉 open the reel + click “TRY IT” below the caption + tell us where you’re starting your journey from so we can reshare! If you need help, DM us and we’ll share the effect link with you!

If not, you can sign up for our upcoming 28-day FREE virtual self-care journey + learn more at the link in bio (and then tell us where you’re starting your journey from 😜)
🎶 and the PROs are ROCKING
Like they know the score….🎶

We heard RUMORS that new @poundunplugged merch may be underway soon…😜🤷‍♀️

In the meantime, spend $50 in the POUND shop now + get 50% off a single item on your next purchase! Link in bio.
4 days. 4 nights. So many badass Pros. I said ‘what happens on the boat, stays on the boat’, so I’ll just say this. When you get the chance to find good people in life–like really, truly, good people–hold on as tight as you can. And never let go. This meetup could have been in the middle of a field, in the middle of nowhere and we would have felt the same feels. But we got to do it on a boat, in the Caribbean with a few epic sunrises. This inaugural meetup is destined to be a core memory for me. It healed a part of me that got stung by the last few years. And I will look to it; the memories, videos, and photos, anytime I need strength or a reminder of just how powerful, beautiful and bleeping FUN this community is. You are everything. I love you. And, Excuse my french, but DAMNIT are we lucky.

Dancing (and POUNDing) with you is my favorite. Can’t wait to do it again😉 - @kirstenpotenza

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