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First stop in the books! 😎⚡️ The East Coast came and ROCKED IT. Check our stories for some of our favorite moments from the very first HIGH VOLTAGE Tour to Summer master class. London, get ready. You’re next 🤘

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High Voltage Vision Boards ⚡️. Kicking off Week 1 of our High Voltage #TourToSummer by setting intentions and creating our visions! ✨ Join Ritu from @visionboardworks as she walks us through best practices for bringing what we want into our lives through Vision Boards. Make sure to take a picture or video of your final product, or even the process of making it, and tag @poundfit + @visionboardworks for a chance to be featured this week on our socials! We can't wait to see your visions come to life! 🤘
Is it just us or is the room on 🔥🔥🔥??

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A different kind of #TurnItUpTuesday, because it's DAY 2 of #TourToSummer, and this is our mood 🕺⚡🤘⁠
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Tomorrow. 😎🤘⚡ #HighVoltage #TourToSummer
We LOVE this virtual hug share from @poundwithlacass, so we want to keep the love going! Drop a 🤗 in the comments below if you could use a hug today, and we’ll send one back! 💚
Allow us to re-introduce ourselves 🎤😜⁠
To kick off Mental Health Awareness Month we want to highlight this important topic, because really, it’s what POUND is all about. If you’ve been with us from the beginning, you’ve heard us say ‘Minds Over Bodies’ time and time again. And we mean it. POUND was born out of a desire to yes, keep people active through rhythm and music, but also to create an outlet. One where people could be themselves. Where they could let the day, the week, the month... just go. We wanted POUND to be a place where everyone felt safe to come, yell, be challenged AND lifted up— no matter what they were going through. Because your mental health matters. Because YOU matter. 💚
“Alexa, play *NSYNC.” #ItsGonnaBeMay
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JOIN US on our 7th annual Tour To Summer Challenge where thousands of people from 100+ countries come together as a community on a journey to self-discovery. We're getting back to our High Voltage rockstar selves by making noise, sweating it out, and finding what lights us UP. Sign up at the link in bio for exclusive access to our Mixtape Meals cookbook with over 30+ recipes, weekly giveaways from our partners, grand prize, and more! ⚡
The undeniable energy of this posse is making us 🤩⚡️ #TurnItUpTuesday

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Who’s taking their feelings out on their Ripstix today? 🤘😜