"POUND est un tel succès, qu’il inspire une libération grâce au cardio et provoque une ruée, à travers les chaînes de fitness du monde entier."

– The New York Times


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💚💚💚⁠⁠#repost // @iramcnamara⁠⁠"Our little side kicks will not only say what we say but more importantly do what we do. Parenting can be the most convicting journey if we are willing to let it be. It ain’t easy to come face to face with your less desirable habits, behaviours and mindsets when they are looking you in the eye all day long through how our mini me’s are learning to conduct themselves in life and relationships. Cheers to the parents reparenting themselves through the process."
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Meet Bula: the ripstix bearer… should we make that a thing? 😏🤘
Finish that line 👇🔥😜⁠⁠#repost // @casssalanandan⁠
Hey you. Find the nearest mirror and tell the person in it they’re a badass. Because they are. 😉🤘⁠⁠#repost // @alaa_mossallam⁠
How many lunges does it take to get to the end of a rock song? 🔥😜 #TurnItUpTuesday#repost // @riniiediana
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POV: a song you know every word to comes on & you’re home alone 😉 #MixtapeChallenge What song is going on your mixtape today??⁠⁠#repost // @danceflava⁠