"POUND est un tel succès, qu’il inspire une libération grâce au cardio et provoque une ruée, à travers les chaînes de fitness du monde entier."

– The New York Times


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POUND = When fitness meets concert. 🤘#repost //
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POUND Bestie (noun) - The first person you call to join you in a last minute POUND class. Someone who is there to support you no matter what + helps you release your inner ROCKSTAR. Also known as your #rebelsoulmate 💚 You're thinking of this person right now. Tag them below + let us know why you love them! ⁠⁠We had so much fun celebrating our POUND Bestie's this weekend, we decided to extend our #internationalfriendshipday BOGO sale through this Wednesday. Buy one POUND Pro, Level UP, or Generation POUND training using code FRIENDSHIPDAY, give a friend a training spot for FREE. ⚡️⁠⁠#repost // @dewi23louise
What does POUND mean to you? 💚 #soundon #mondaymotivation #repost // @piavictoria1