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Melanie-Anne Bousquet
In 2017, I decided to kick depression's butt with exercise. My 1st POUND class was love at 1st strike. It satisfied a need to rebel, to make noise, to let loose, to feel badass. As an instructor, I want everyone to feel the same way that POUND makes me feel, invincible. With 13 years of dance training and 25 years of experience in exercise science and sports' rehab, POUND and me are a match made in rocktstar heaven!
Embrace your quirks, they make you awesome!
Because you deserve to feel good about yourself, and that is my mission!
90's and Discos! When those 90's hit in "Untouched", I am in my own little rock star world.
No Good/Kaleo, Kids Ain't Alright/Offspring, Come Out and Play/Offspring, Untouched/Veronicas

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May 2018


Lac-Delage, QC, CA
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