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Azure Adler
I am ecstatic to take my Pound journey to the next level! I started taking Pound classes in late 2019 and found it was my favorite fitness format of all time! Then BOOM- COVID hit in March of 2020. I was thrilled to take a plethora of virtual classes. (my pets and kids were not quite as thrilled with me turning our living room into a rock concert) I took the Pro Training in the fall of 2020 and the rest of the story is waiting to be told.
If my plate wasn't full, I would be hungry.
Let loose and channel your inner rockstar (you know it's there)
Sell-Out, by Reel Big Fish

Signed to The Label since:

September 2020


  • Pound Pro

Rock With Me

    Tuesday 7:45 pm - 45 mins
    Bodies in Motion
    16189 Main Avenue Southeast, Prior Lake, MN, USA


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