A POUND ICON is a master trainer, as well as an ambassador of our brand, our beliefs, and our mission. They travel the world as an extension of POUND to elevate our united beat, one POUND Pro at a time. They are the educators, the rebels, the humble and electric. With different life and career experiences, personalities and uniqueness, they are the true representation of our BRAND. Let them inspire you, let them MOVE you.


Jo Murua lives in Knoxville, TN and is a mom of two daughters and grandmother to six grandchildren. Jo found her love for POUND® while living in Arizona when she was searching for something to help with her depression. It truly was “love at first strike” for her and not only did POUND® help with her depression but it also helped her break out of her shell. 

Now Jo loves to share her passion for POUND® with others by making noise, rocking out and making every moment a celebration. 

When she isn’t rocking out in POUND® class, she is exploring the beauty of Tennessee, out meeting with friends or just relaxing with her pups. She also tries to get back to Arizona often to visit her children, grandchildren and parents

What are your 3 earliest memories in life?  

Having my tonsils removed when I was a little girl and crying in pain; then my mom walked in with a life size doll (I loved dolls) that she bought me to help me feel better even though she did not have much money. 

Running along in the sand at the beach when I lived in California. The beach is still my happy place.

My dad having me step into a tractor tire and rolling me around in the yard. So much fun!

If you could have dinner with anyone from history, who would it be?  

Nostradamus. I’d like to know that the world is going to be ok for my grandchildren.

What’s the most courageous thing you’ve ever done?  

Attended POUND Pro training in 2014, my very first format “my soul format”. I was shy and although I hid it well, I suffered from depression so to step out of the box was very hard and scary. I took that leap and look at me now! 

If you could choose your own rockstar nickname, what would it be? 

The name “JoJo” comes to mind. It’s what all of my aunts use to call me as a child. 

What’s the best thing that ever happened to you?  

I actually have 8 best things that ever happened to me. Definitely my two daughters and my six beautiful grandbabies. I love them all so much! Oops, 9 things, yes 9, now the honor of being a POUND ICON.

What’s one thing you’d tell your 13-year-old self?  

IT IS GOING TO BE OK. Trust in yourself and do what makes you happy, not what people expect of you and do not worry about what others think of you. 

What superpower would you most like to have?  

Definitely teleportation! I love traveling to new places and learn new cultures. Also can’t leave out that I love to eat so I love to try different types of food, yum. 

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