A POUND ICON is a master trainer, as well as an ambassador of our brand, our beliefs, and our mission. They travel the world as an extension of POUND to elevate our united beat, one POUND Pro at a time. They are the educators, the rebels, the humble and electric. With different life and career experiences, personalities and uniqueness, they are the true representation of our BRAND. Let them inspire you, let them MOVE you.


Magda Franceschino is an Italy-based ICON born into an athletic family, growing up in the gym and following her parents around Italy to competitions and events. As a teenager, she snuck into her mother’s aerobics classes until she eventually started replacing her as an instructor. Magda doesn’t take herself too seriously and is all about having FUN! During Pro trainings she strives to make everyone feel welcome (and to make you laugh). When she’s not leading trainings, she’s managing her family’s gym and has dedicated herself to the #rebelwithacause mission—making as much noise as possible about POUND and breakdown their own barriers to release their inner ROCKSTAR.

If you could have dinner with anyone from history, who would it be?
Leonardo Da Vinci to learn to try to fly.

If you could choose your own rockstar nickname, what would it be?
Magma!! I live where there is an active volcano. I am like the Etna Volcano— sometimes explosive, sometimes effusive, sometimes still

What’s the first thing you do when you get home from a trip?
When I am back from a trip I start sharing my experience with the people I love, and I start packing my bags for my new trip.

What is the best piece of advice you’ve received?
The best piece of advice was, “do what you can do or you will live unhappy.”

What makes you feel supported?
I feel supported when I see my students’ smile with a rockstar expression.

Whom do you secretly admire?
I admire all those people who fight every day for any kind of freedom.

What’s something you never leave home without?
I can’t leave home without my pink glasses.

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