A POUND ICON is a master trainer, as well as an ambassador of our brand, our beliefs, and our mission. They travel the world as an extension of POUND to elevate our united beat, one POUND Pro at a time. They are the educators, the rebels, the humble and electric. With different life and career experiences, personalities and uniqueness, they are the true representation of our BRAND. Let them inspire you, let them MOVE you.


Originally from Taiwan, Wilson Chen now lives in Beijing, China. He is a music lover and likes drumming. He is passionate about learning, sharing his experience and knowledge, and helping others learn nutrition and fitness to live a better life. In 2017, he was deeply attracted by the magic of POUND, so he decided to fly to Singapore to attend the training to start his POUND journey! He believes POUND can change one’s life from inside out. Wilson hopes to share his passion by bringing this Rockout Workout to people around the world and inviting them to feel the release. Welcome, everyone, to the POUND family!
What are your 3 earliest memories in life?
Travel with my family, going to school alone for the first time, and my own first pet

What’s the most courageous thing you’ve ever done?
Go alone to the eastern city in Korea to watch the first sunrise of the new year and only use body language to communicate with local people at that time.

What’s the first thing you do when you get home from a trip?
Just want to take a rest and get a diet coke to drink.

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve received?
Follow your heart!

What activity do you do that makes you feel most like yourself?
Teaching classes, drumming (Cajon or Africa drum), and singing.

What’s something you never leave home without?
Cellphone, wallet, and keys!

What’s one thing you’d tell your 13-year-old self?
Be brave! Just do it!

What superpower would you most like to have?
Time travel and invisibility

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