Brunch Inspiration: Avocado Toast

Try out this avocado toast recipe: just grab some avocado, dijon mustard, lemon, and some salt and pepper to make your avocado mixture. Put that on your favorite toast and layer with an egg and some rosemary.

Free Falling Smoothie Recipe

We’re totally welcoming Fall — but it’s still pretty toasty in our neighborhood and maybe in yours too! We thought you might want to try out a new smoothie this weekend! We call this one: Free Falling 😉 2 C frozen blueberries 1 C POM Juice 1 T Chia seeds 1 ripe banana Half of […]

Tuesday Tweak: Avocado Toast

There’s toast…and then, there’s AVOCADO TOAST. We usually don’t exaggerate on the day-to-day, and to be honest, it takes a LOT to excite us, ESPECIALLY in the food realm. So, when we say that this Avocado Toast recipe is in a category of AWESOMENESS of its own, we mean BUSINESS — and here’s why. The […]