Tour To Summer Winner: Marni Hallett

Drumroll please… the winner of the First Annual Tour To Summer Sweepstakes is MARNI HALLETT! We’re so proud of Marni and honored to share her journey with you here. She committed to 60 days of POUND and balanced eats — and she became a HUGE motivator to all those participating in Tour To Summer.

The Great OZ: A Letter to the POUND POSSE

You know the scene in The Wizard of Oz when Dorothy’s house is picked up by a Tornado and whisked away into the sky? She’s terrified and has no control over anything? Every few moments, she sees glimpses of people she knows flying through the atmosphere and then lands abruptly in a far off land? […]

The Friday Feed: Room for Change

It’s Friday. Again. Yes, magically, the Fridays keep on a-comin’. They just don’t stop, do they? We’re often forced into the role of bystander as the weeks graciously and uncontrollably turn into months and years. “Where did the time go?,” we ask. Holy crap, really…where DID the time go? The thing about this question is […]

The Friday Feed: Nourish Yourself

Sometimes, we forget to nourish ourselves properly. And no, we’re not really talking about food here. We’re talking about good ol’ food for the soul. Growing a company has catapulted us into a tumultuous sea of travel, management, delegation and hustle. Often, our personal relationships, and the most important relationship, the one with ourselves, dwindle […]