Q+A with Michelle Opperman

 1. My favorite season is: Spring! 2. This is my coffee order: Iced Green Tea  =) 3. If I could only eat ONE food for the rest of my life, it would be: Coconut Oil Popcorn 4. Three words that people use to describe my class are: High Energy + FUN 5. The best advice […]

Tour To Summer Winner Takes LA

Back in April, we asked you to commit to 60 days “on tour” with us, eating balanced, crushing goals, and of course POUNDing. Read about Tour To Summer WINNER, Marni’s, special journey through Tour, how she made a lifelong friend over Instagram (what?!), and all about her weekend in LA with us — including her Nike Store shopping spree and her first POUND Class.

Lost in Central Park (and other NYC adventures)

Of the five senses, we were apparently missing one other very important sense this past weekend: a sense of direction.   With an impending thunderstorm chattering overhead and a 30 minute deadline to lead our session at SELF Magazine’s Workout in the Park, we felt compelled to haul ass. SERIOUS ass.   Fast forward half an […]