DIY ROCKER TEE: In 7 Simple Steps

We love that POUND is a workout that meets you where you are. It welcomes everyone and elicits personal growth and individual style. To us, our clothes are an extension of our personalities and because of that, we love rebelling from everyday workout gear and spicing things up at the gym.

Three Last Minute Gifts!

Do you guys ever have that dream when you wake up and realize it’s Christmas morning (or any gift-giving holiday) and you haven’t bought ANYONE a present? No? Just us? It’s the worst dream to have right before the holidays and with your busy schedule, it may be a reality! Whether you’ve put off shopping […]

Bringin’ Home The Beach: Beach Buff Body Scrub

  If you joined us earlier in the week, you’ve already got the secret to beachy hair for DAYS thanks to our Poundin’ Waves Ocean Potion DIY hair mist. Now, it’s time to re-capture soft, smooth, ocean-kissed skin! Exfoliation, beach-style, happens like this: You wade into the ocean and the power of the water sand-blasts […]

Bringin’ Home The Beach: Ocean Potion

  Do you guys ever sit down and think, “How is it already the middle of July? And why haven’t I gotten a Summer vacation yet!?” Well, you’re NOT alone. It’s kind of freaky how fast the time zips by, but we’ve got a sneaky trick to recreate a summer vacay, even if it’s just […]

Tuesday Tweak: S’mores!

Venturing out into the wild is something primal, deeply embedded in our brains and satisfying in the most basic, human way. We cherish the outdoors, and when given the chance to remove the boundaries between us and nature, we always shout a resounding “Heck yes!!” (with a corresponding fist pump). So, in honor of being […]

The POUND Girls’ Guide to Camping

Head into the WILD with us and set up CAMP with our specially-curated list of Camping Essentials! These basics will help prep you for all your #POUNDontheROAD Summer adventures, so whether you plan on rompin’ in the Rockies, pitchin’ a tent by the beach, or restin’ by the river, we’ve got you covered! Check ’em […]

Trail Mix Two Ways

When you hit the fork in the road between happy and hungry, we’ll be there to lead you in the right direction. And as you know, a hungry belly makes for a clouded mind, causing you to reach for not-so-healthy munchies–especially when you’re on-the-go! Since we know you’re going #OntheRoad with us this month, we’ve […]

This June, Go #OnTheRoad With Us!!

We’re about to hit the road, POUND Posse, and there’s good news…YOU’RE COMING WITH US! We’re stoked to announce a full month of adventure, education, challenges, and more– it’s #POUNDontheROAD! June’s theme of #POUNDontheROAD is all about exploring, learning, and hoppin’ on the road to new, exciting places! And, of course, there’s no better way […]

Tuesday Tweak: Sassy Salmon Burgers

Nothing says Memorial Day weekend quite like a big, juicy, burger! But unfortunately, the tastiest burgers we’ve tried are most often the most decadent. White flour buns, fatty meat, creamy mayo, savory, salty pickles and of course, gooey cheese all stack up to make this extra-special burger a supreme belly bomb of epic proportions. And […]