Post-POUND Stretches

When we first started POUND, we found ourselves sore in places we didn’t even realize we were working!! Say goodbye to SORE with these four post-POUND stretches!


It was a summer day, we walked out of an office in OC and stepped into the future of POUND. Our dreams were finally being realized: we had an opportunity to create the at-home POUND experience we always dreamed of. Something that would complete the POUND lifestyle, reach millions and change the lives of many.

Talk Nerdy To Me: Your Brain On Music

  It’s not hard to tell that we’re obsessed with music but we’re also obsessed with science. So, we’re combining these two loves in a new recurring series that we’re calling: Talk Nerdy To Me. Music is the soundtrack of our lives, and if you take a quick scan of your surroundings, you’ll find music […]

Music Monday: #ROADTRIP Mixtape

Summer is HERE (yesss) and if you’re feelin’ inspired to hop in your car and hit the open road, you’re going to need a kick-ass playlist to make the time FLY by! It’s a good thing we have THIS summer lineup for you to ROCK out to during ALL of your #POUNDontheROAD adventures — […]

DIY: Stylin’ Tank

We all know T-shirts are perfect for gym visits, POUND classes, or any ol’ training session. We dig rocking free ones from a school fair or sentimental souvenir concert tees, and love the ones you’re awarded after completing a memorable mud run.   What we don’t dig are those shirts with the sleeves diced off […]

Spring Cleaning: Digging Through Our Video Closet!

Signs of spring are turning up at the POUND headquarters here in Los Angeles– iced coffees, fresh flowers, bare shoulders, and shorts! (You know our office has a relaxed, fitness-friendly dress code.) But, even if your part of the world hasn’t quite shown signs of spring just yet, we’ve got the solution to get you […]

The POUND Girls’ Valentine’s Day Jams

Ok, we admit it: Valentines Day isn’t one of our favorite holidays. So, we’ve decided to take a slightly silly approach and make a playlist of some romantic jams that will get you singing in your car and reminiscing about middle school dances.   Take a look at some tunes that get us swooning, singing, […]


We are so grateful to have the opportunity to partner with Campowerment in Malibu, CA! When we met Camp Director, Tammi Leader Fuller, we knew she was on to something special. Campowerment is active, fun, community-building, and inspirational – key ingredients for what we strive for in our POUNDLife! Take a look at this KTLA News clip […]

5 Things You Didn’t Know About Ripstix

Whether you rock out at a Pound class nearest you or you’ve decided to download our streaming workout videos (get your Backstage Pass here!) for an at-home Pound sesh, you know that this hot drumming workout would not be what it is without our special Ripstix!   These exercise drumsticks have been specially engineered for your […]