Banana Rock Poppers

… And then your stomach grumbles for something sweet while you’re watching The Tonight Show w/ Jimmy Fallon. Such an occasion calls for a healthy late-night snack that’s easy and that satisfies your sweet tooth.

Brussel Sprouts & Mushroom Hash

It’s Saturday morning, which means you’re still lying in bed reading this on your phone in an effort to spend just a few more minutes under the covers. You had a long week and you deserve it — AND a bomb breakfast.

Red Hot Chili Peppers

Add some color to your plate and take a stab at these delicious (and insanely easy-to-make) Stuffed Peppers tonight!

Tuesday Tweak: 3-Ingredient Banana Ice Cream

We all remember it: that feeling you got when you heard the ice cream truck’s jingle as it turned the corner onto your street when you were young. You felt the immediate ping of excitement (and panic) as you’d JET inside your house to grab 2 quarters out of your piggy bank so you could […]

Tuesday Tweak: GF Sweet Potato + Rosemary Waffles

Nothing – we repeat – NOTHING is better than brunch. It’s a magical time in the mid-morning when you meet up with your close friends and partake in this trendy hybrid meal at some super cool hotspot that not only offers an entire plethora of breakfast items to choose from, but also lunch items as […]

Island-Inspired Summer Skewers

The POUND Girls’ Rules of Summer: 1) You’ve gotta take care of your skin. 2) You’ve gotta grill somethin’. Yes, we’ve narrowed it down to two rules — we’re simple like that — and today, we’re zooming in on the latter. Prepare to get hot n’ heavy on the GRILL. Let’s get Kebabby with it, […]

Tuesday Tweak: Farmer’s Market Corn Salad

Summer is in full swing and that means bonfires, long pool days, and afternoon get-togethers with the ones we love most. We try to vary the dishes that we bring to share but we realized that it’s hard not to depend on ol’ reliable… right? When you find a tasty, easy-to-make, party pleaser, why deviate? […]

Tuesday Tweak: Zesty Zasta

‘Tis the season of BBQ’s, potlucks and parties — it’s Summer! But unfortunately, most of our favorite Summer party dishes don’t quite match up with the delightfully skimpy styles of the season.We’re tweakin’ your summer sides to make them healthier and just as yummy! Potato salad + coleslaw + potato salad + bikini = tummy […]

Tuesday Tweak: Sassy Salmon Burgers

Nothing says Memorial Day weekend quite like a big, juicy, burger! But unfortunately, the tastiest burgers we’ve tried are most often the most decadent. White flour buns, fatty meat, creamy mayo, savory, salty pickles and of course, gooey cheese all stack up to make this extra-special burger a supreme belly bomb of epic proportions. And […]

Foraged Berry Raw Cheesecake

In the POUND world, if you really love someone, you cook for them. We both love nurturing our friends, families, boyfriends and each other with tasty and nutritious meals- it’s just part of the POUND culture. Food is like a second language to us- you can literally say anything to anyone with the right dish! […]