The POUND Effect: Holly Caron

Holly decided to make loving herself, and her a family a priority – a decision that would ultimately change her life. Here is her story. Hey! My name is Holly and I’m a POUND Pro in Manchester, New Hampshire. POUND has been a wonderful adventure where I get to be a rockstar, inspire others, and […]


Want to get your ASSets ready for 2016? Try this A$$ Pass move: O.H. Thrusts! O.H. stands for Over-the-Head which is what your sticks will be doing. With your Ripstix (or wooden spoons!), lie down on your mat with your sticks overhead. Make sure your core is braced, your spine is in a neutral position and […]

You’re Invited to MOVE FOR MUSIC FACT: 1.3 million US elementary school students do not receive any musical instruction in school. Public schools are having a funding crisis and music programs are among the first to be eliminated. Join us this month for a community-wide MOVEment to raise money for music education in underserved public schools across the country. We’ve […]

The POUND Effect: Breast Cancer Survivor Melissa Kreisher

June 12, 2009: one year to the day after I graduated nursing school, I was diagnosed with breast cancer.  A month before I was diagnosed, I mentioned to my doctor during a casual conversation that my sister had just been diagnosed with breast cancer. When I told him which type she had, he said, “you’re […]

How Will You Hit The Streets?

Here are a bunch of ways to get in that 30 minutes of calorie burning, energy boosting cardio when you’re takin’ a POUND pause.

Talk Nerdy To Me: Your Brain On Music

  It’s not hard to tell that we’re obsessed with music but we’re also obsessed with science. So, we’re combining these two loves in a new recurring series that we’re calling: Talk Nerdy To Me. Music is the soundtrack of our lives, and if you take a quick scan of your surroundings, you’ll find music […]

Spring Cleaning WORKOUT!

Spring is in the air over here at the POUND HQ, and we’re puttin’ the longer days to good use by gettin’ outside more, cooking more delicious TWEAKS, and enjoying late-night festivities with our peeps. With all this extra daylight on our hands, we have also acquired a fondness for tidying up! Our office recently […]

The Friday Feed: 7 Ways to Boost your Energy at Work!

Need the pep to jam your way through an 8-hour (or longer) workday? Use our tips to prevent mid-day meltdown and kick workday weariness to the curb! Friday Feed: 7 Ways to Boost your Energy at Work! 1. Raise the Bar: Add an energy bar to your on-the-go morning routine for pep you can feel, […]

Tuesday Tweak: Your Time

Ever wonder where all your time goes? You planned to make dinner, do some yoga, organize your clothes, take a shower and go to a movie, but all you had time for was a shower and bed. What the heck happened to your TIME?  We’ll show you: 3 minutes per Facebook visit (x4 visits average) […]