A Note to the Mamas

Moms: You run the WORLD! Some days, we feel like two moms. The little POUND baby we conceived, nursed, and nurtured is now feverishly running around in the world all by herself, and all we can do is chase after her at warp speed, with love, patience and understanding. And, it only gets more maternal […]

Foraged Berry Raw Cheesecake

In the POUND world, if you really love someone, you cook for them. We both love nurturing our friends, families, boyfriends and each other with tasty and nutritious meals- it’s just part of the POUND culture. Food is like a second language to us- you can literally say anything to anyone with the right dish! […]

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Gifts fit for a QUEEN…or your MOM! Your mama is stunningly bright and jaw-droppingly beautiful. She’s downright magnificent. We bet that she’s a total badass, too. And, she’s so blessed (most of the time) to have such a thoughtful, loving child in her life. We’re talking about YOU, kid. UNLESS, that is, you haven’t cooked […]

DIY: Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

We sometimes refer to ourselves as the POUND Mamas, lovingly looking over our little baby (aka the POUND program), nurturing our students and watching our tight-knit family of Pro instructors grow. We cannot even imagine how it feels to raise and nurture an ACTUAL human being- we are in awe of all the REAL mamas […]