New Playlist: TOUR TO SUMMER

Tune into our official Tour To Summer Playlist on Spotify and follow along with us as we add tracks to it through Tour!


We just compiled a brand new playlist on Spotify! These 20 songs seriously MAKE NOISE. Listen HERE or on Spotify.

Music Monday: Summer Playlist

Sun shining. Windy roads. Windows down. Music UP! Feels like summer — right posse? Close your eyes and imagine it with us: Feel the warmth of the sun, the wind blowin’ through your hair, and your heart filled by the sound of your favorite new song. If we could bottle this feeling to revel in […]

Music Monday: #ROADTRIP Mixtape

Summer is HERE (yesss) and if you’re feelin’ inspired to hop in your car and hit the open road, you’re going to need a kick-ass playlist to make the time FLY by! It’s a good thing we have THIS summer lineup for you to ROCK out to during ALL of your #POUNDontheROAD adventures — […]

Music Monday: Spring Playlist

In need of workout playlist that will keep you on your toes for a full hour? Have no fear, we’ve compiled this month’s HOT LIST for you–it’s MUSIC MONDAY! There’s a perfect mix of hip hop, indie, dubstep, and fusion that will get you movin’, groovin’, and POUNDIN’ your little heart out! We love this […]

Music Monday: Valentine’s Day Playlists

We’re starting the week off right…with MUSIC!! We’ve wrangled the POUND Headquarters’ top VALENTINE’S DAY love jams, and boy-oh-boy, you’re about to start feelin’ warm and fuzzy inside! Dom, Joy, Brita, Kirsten and Cristina — we all pitched in, so head to our SPOTIFY PAGE and tell us which playlist will YOU be playing for […]

Music Monday: 5 Spring Songs

Today we’re releasing our TOP 5 Spring Songs of 2013, so wind up your tape decks, slip in your CDs, put your records on and get ready to rock! The POUND 5 – Spring Songs: 1. Wild For the Night by A$AP Rocky feat. Skrillex & Birdy Nam Nam Have fun getting this one out of your […]

The POUND Girls’ Valentine’s Day Jams

Ok, we admit it: Valentines Day isn’t one of our favorite holidays. So, we’ve decided to take a slightly silly approach and make a playlist of some romantic jams that will get you singing in your car and reminiscing about middle school dances.   Take a look at some tunes that get us swooning, singing, […]