Why Pickled Asparagus will Impress at Sunday Brunch

Pickled Asparagus Recipe

You know we love to experiment in the kitchen and we wanted to share one of our favorite techniques: pickling! Pickled vegetables are staples in our refrigerators; Onions, hardboiled eggs, beets — you name it, you can pickle it! Recently, we experimented with pickled asparagus and fell in love with the kick the vinegar and spice mixture […]

FREE Mixtape Meals E-Book

Almost simultaneously, February reared it’s head and our New Years resolutions began to fade. We noticed, by listening to our team at POUND HQ, that those food issues that we all resolved to fix were coming back with a vengeance — so we took the month of LOVE and the HEART as an opportunity to […]

Mixtape Meals For Your Heart

At POUND, we like to LOVE LOUDER! How do we do that? We eat with heart healthy ingredients so our hearts are as strong and as loud as our classes are! This month we’re lacing up our problem solving boots and attempting the impossible. Get ready for MIXTAPE MEALS! 15 heart healthy ingredients, 15 recipes+, […]

Free Falling Farro Bowl

Fit Tip: Add a healthful whole grain like Farro to your next meal! Farro gives you a fiber fix, helps keep you energized and boosts the immune system.     Free Falling FARRO BOWL 2 servings   Ingredients: 1.5 C Farro, cooked ⅓ C Red Onion, thinly sliced (let’s add description here) 2 Large Radishes, thinly sliced 2 C Tuscan Kale, […]

ROCKtober Pepita Salad

Chances are, you’re about ready to carve your pumpkins in anticipation of our fave spooky holiday, Halloween. We’re putting those pumpkin seeds to good use on our ROCKtober Pepita Salad! Recipe inside!

Banana Rock Poppers

… And then your stomach grumbles for something sweet while you’re watching The Tonight Show w/ Jimmy Fallon. Such an occasion calls for a healthy late-night snack that’s easy and that satisfies your sweet tooth.

Brussel Sprouts & Mushroom Hash

It’s Saturday morning, which means you’re still lying in bed reading this on your phone in an effort to spend just a few more minutes under the covers. You had a long week and you deserve it — AND a bomb breakfast.

Roasted Garlic Salad Dressing

Take your salad to the next level with our roasted garlic dressing. Add this to your favorite vegetables (like kale, radish, avocado, and roasted beets!) and say HELLO to your new favorite salad!

Give PEACH A Chance Cocktail

It’s PEACH season Posse! And it’s always BOURBON season, so we had Mr. Jeremy Simpson whip up this simple and delicious Peach Smash recipe!

Red Hot Chili Peppers

Add some color to your plate and take a stab at these delicious (and insanely easy-to-make) Stuffed Peppers tonight!

Brunch Inspiration: Avocado Toast

Try out this avocado toast recipe: just grab some avocado, dijon mustard, lemon, and some salt and pepper to make your avocado mixture. Put that on your favorite toast and layer with an egg and some rosemary.