Marching Into The Wild

Welcome to March POUND Posse! It’s so hard to NOT get excited this month. Spring is around the corner and although the year is zooming by, this time of year always feels like a rebirth. It’s such a badass feeling to be able to cleanse and awaken as the seasons change. The beginning to this […]

Daily Refresh: 3 Rituals To Try

Whoever came up with the phrase “it’s the little things that count” was really on to something! Here are three ways to REFRESH every day.

REFRESH This March

It’s time to push the refresh button and prepare for the journey of a lifetime. Keep your eyes right HERE on our blog as we bring you tips and tricks to reset and refresh this spring! We’re preparing to take a journey together so tell us: What are your March goals?

Free Yourself Fall

Welcome to September and the beginning of our favorite season; FALL. It’s interesting that Fall has that name, because we do find ourselves “falling” into old habits and sinking into the “get us to the finish line”, aka end of the holiday season, state of mind. So in an attempt to stay mindful this Fall, […]