Marching Into The Wild

Welcome to March POUND Posse! It’s so hard to NOT get excited this month. Spring is around the corner and although the year is zooming by, this time of year always feels like a rebirth. It’s such a badass feeling to be able to cleanse and awaken as the seasons change. The beginning to this […]

Tuesday Tweak: Your Environment

Let’s just say that we had a great weekend off, one that inspired us to use our down-time to de-clutter, organize, clarify and consolidate. The feeling of a clean, clear space optimized for happy, healthy living is indescribable. But something that IS describable is how to create this feeling–by TWEAKING your ENVIRONMENT! For the sake […]

Tuesday Tweak: In The Shower

  That moment when you’re grateful for taking a shower because it’s your ONLY free time alone. We all know it. It even has it’s own hashtag: #poundgirlproblems We’re on your side, POUND Posse, figuring out ways to turn your precious and scarce “me time” into a restorative, blissful experience. That’s why today, we’re showing […]