POUND Girls In The City

  Recently, we jetted our little buns to NYC for a whirlwind press and interview adventure. Fun fact for you guys: this was the FIRST TRIP EVER where we actually got to wear REAL CLOTHES. It’s true! We did not do any POUNDing… we just got to talk about POUND… A LOT! We met with […]

Knockin’ It Out Of The Park With SELF Magazine’s Workout In The Park!

When we first started POUND, we teamed up with our phenomenal friends at Crunch Gym to bring POUND to SELF Magazine’s Workout in the Park. That was three whole years ago, and with tremendous gratitude (and a slight sense of amazement), SELF asked us back! And then, they asked us back again. This year marked […]

Lost in Central Park (and other NYC adventures)

Of the five senses, we were apparently missing one other very important sense this past weekend: a sense of direction.   With an impending thunderstorm chattering overhead and a 30 minute deadline to lead our session at SELF Magazine’s Workout in the Park, we felt compelled to haul ass. SERIOUS ass.   Fast forward half an […]

A Surprise Gift From SELF Magazine & POUND!

We knew you’d click on that! If we heard the words SURPRISE and SELF Mag in the same sentence, we’d be all over it, too!   Here’s what’s goin’ down: each year, SELF Magazine hosts Workout In the Park — jam-packed and ridiculously fun workout extravaganzas in major cities throughout the US. They wrangle the best fitness […]