Bringin’ Home The Beach: Beach Buff Body Scrub

  If you joined us earlier in the week, you’ve already got the secret to beachy hair for DAYS thanks to our Poundin’ Waves Ocean Potion DIY hair mist. Now, it’s time to re-capture soft, smooth, ocean-kissed skin! Exfoliation, beach-style, happens like this: You wade into the ocean and the power of the water sand-blasts […]

Tuesday Tweak: Body Balm

Slippery. Oily. Greasy. Cloggy. Messy. Toxic. These are a few of our (least) favorite things, especially when it comes to our body lotion! Having soft, healthy and nourished skin might feel impossible sometimes, so that’s why we’re overhauling your post-shower moisturizing routine by TWEAKING your BODY LOTION! It’s as simple as replacing your standard, store-bought […]