Fall “Cure All” Smoothies

We live in a world where the medicine cabinet is our go-to at the first sign of sickness. What you might not realize is that the cure may already be in your kitchen! Here are four smoothies that will target fall’s infamous “symptoms”. You know them all too well: Stress, Energy, Dehydration and Sickness.

Talk Nerdy To Me: Your Brain On Music

  It’s not hard to tell that we’re obsessed with music but we’re also obsessed with science. So, we’re combining these two loves in a new recurring series that we’re calling: Talk Nerdy To Me. Music is the soundtrack of our lives, and if you take a quick scan of your surroundings, you’ll find music […]

The POUND Effect

Our lives are filled with stories. There are the silly ones we share on Facebook, the hidden ones we hope no one hears and the fleeting ones that are immediately forgotten. We’re here to tell you a story that YOU are a part of, one that has affected us and one that we can pass […]

Tuesday Tweak: In The Shower

  That moment when you’re grateful for taking a shower because it’s your ONLY free time alone. We all know it. It even has it’s own hashtag: #poundgirlproblems We’re on your side, POUND Posse, figuring out ways to turn your precious and scarce “me time” into a restorative, blissful experience. That’s why today, we’re showing […]