5 Ways To Stay Fierce This Fall

Fall is finally here, people! We’re excited! We’ve created a list of go-to tricks so we can stay fierce this fall, and not FALL off the wagon.

POUND 5: Tips to Travel “Light”

As much as we like to get out of town, we also like to get into our favorite pair of jeans after our trip is over! Over-eating can come easy when you’re traveling like crazy — so we’ve concocted five tips to get you to and from your trip without demolishing your health regimen! After […]

POUND 5: Our Travel Must-Haves

  We love to travel, A LOT. Over the past two years, we’ve been traveling all over the world certifying POUND PROs! Needless to say, we’ve picked up a few tips on the way and won’t travel without the following must-have items. These items can turn a long flight into a joyful experience (almost). POUND […]

Tweak Your Gluten: How To Be “Gluten-Aware”

Word on the street is wheat. Wheat-free, that is! We have experimented for years to remedy our wheat issues and it takes a while to figure out the ins and outs of wheat allergies, sensitivities and finding the right gluten-free products for your lifestyle. Watching your gluten intake and TWEAKING a few of your gluten-related […]