The Encore To TOUR

You’ve hit huge milestones, POUND Tour. Now, with these 7 tips, make what you’ve learned through the last 60 days of Tour last a lifetime.

Just an ice cube full of FLAVOR helps the WATER go down!

What’s poppin’, POUND Posse?! You’re 6 Days into your #HappyHydrationChallenge! We hope you’re feeling smooth, supple and splendid, just like we are! All that water’s made our skin extra-soft and has given us extra energy during our POUND classes! See for yourself how BIG of an impact proper hydration has on your workout by trying […]

This June, Go #OnTheRoad With Us!!

We’re about to hit the road, POUND Posse, and there’s good news…YOU’RE COMING WITH US! We’re stoked to announce a full month of adventure, education, challenges, and more– it’s #POUNDontheROAD! June’s theme of #POUNDontheROAD is all about exploring, learning, and hoppin’ on the road to new, exciting places! And, of course, there’s no better way […]

What’s in our GYM BAG?

  The POUND Girls essentials – Gym Style   A gym bag stocked with all the right necessities is like a miniature time machine. It can beam you from late afternoon meeting to POUND class in 10 seconds flat, or teleport you from morning yoga sesh to office in the blink of an eye.   […]

Two Week Tweak: Week One Rundown

Instead of resolutions, we prefer small, daily commitments to change. So, instead of one big resolution this year, we’ve decided to help you jump start your transformation every day with one minor change over two weeks because small tweaks can add up to a MAJOR difference, Who’s with us!?!?! We’ll be posting tweak on our Facebook Page […]