The POUND Girls’ Valentine’s Day Jams

Ok, we admit it: Valentines Day isn’t one of our favorite holidays. So, we’ve decided to take a slightly silly approach and make a playlist of some romantic jams that will get you singing in your car and reminiscing about middle school dances.   Take a look at some tunes that get us swooning, singing, […]

Two Week Tweak: Week One Rundown

Instead of resolutions, we prefer small, daily commitments to change. So, instead of one big resolution this year, we’ve decided to help you jump start your transformation every day with one minor change over two weeks because small tweaks can add up to a MAJOR difference, Who’s with us!?!?! We’ll be posting tweak on our Facebook Page […]

The POUND Girls’ TOP 12 SONGS OF 2012

Kirsten and Cristina here! As you know, music plays an important role in our lives whether we’re searching for a hot POUND track or just looking for some daily mood-enhancing jams. 2012 was an awesome year for new tunes, so we thought we’d share our Top 12 of ’12 Playlist with you (in no particular […]