Channel your inner surf-rock star in our 10th annual Tour to Summer Challenge!

This year we’re making the conscious decision to let loose and let the good times flow, leaning into the power that small actions have to make big waves through our minds, bodies and communities! Join us for 21 days of low-stress, high-vibes FUN as we challenge ourselves to keep movin’, groovin’ and empowering each other as we surf into summer!

find your frequency

Commit to at least 15 minutes of movement a day with weekly master classes, free Backstage workouts, a recipe book, daily prompts, and more tools to help you hop on board and stay consistent for 21 days


with opportunities to join – or even assemble! – a team of accountabilibuddies to create a ripple of positive impact in each other’s lives

feel the flow

with daily prompts and journaling to keep you cruising through the journey and seal in your practices to create lasting habits that stick


Sign up & receive:

  • Your Tour To Summer Dashboard, the ultimate spot to surf your journey
  • The lowdown on how to join or form your own crew of accountabilibuddies
  • 12 on-demand workouts 
  • Weekly virtual master classes to ride the wave together
  • SURFSIDE SHAREABLES, SIPS + snack recipes and rituals to fuel your journey 
  • Weekly Wave emails to keep you ridin’ high 


One lucky winner will receive $1000 towards the surfside trip of their dreams!

At the conclusion of the challenge, participants will have the opportunity to share their Journey and how they made waves! Terms & Conditions apply. 

better together

This year we’re mixing things up for Tour to Summer. Human connection has always been at the center of what we do, and that said it seems to be getting harder for people to come together. So this year is all about creating a catalyst for greater connection, providing you support and inspiration and then ultimately – letting the ripple effect positively impact your communities.

Ways to participate:

1. Become a Team Leader 
Your goal will be to build a team (can be 3 people or 300!) and guide them through their Tour To Summer journey. We’ll provide you a Leader Guide and inspiration for fostering connection with your team

2. Join a Team
On our dashboard you can find a team to join! 

3. Surf Solo
Feeling like riding this wave, solo? You do you. Our dashboard provides you with all of the tools to create positive vibrations in your life. 

let’s make waves

Sign up below and receive your first challenge email with links to your dashboard and goodies! Workouts and more will be unlocked prior to the start on May 31st!

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