Reading through our Tour to Summer submissions, we were reminded of two very important things:


1. Behind every one of you is a story, and many times, it’s not glamorous. But how you face your challenges and RISE UP, is what makes you true REBELS.


2. We have the MOST AMAZING, supportive, STRONG and passionate community. We’re so fortunate to be able to call you our POSSE.

Which brings us to…DRUM ROLL PLEASE…..our winner, Jennifer Canfield!


You’ve probably seen her on socials as @grit_and_grace3 - with her ever-evolving ‘rockstar’ pink hair, funny captions and positive vibes. We’ve shared her full entry where she speaks candidly about herself and her family, showing how the trials and tribulations of life ultimately affect how we treat ourselves and our own bodies while trying to support and cope with what is happening around us. We found Jennifer’s journey to be both profoundly difficult and foreign, yet at the same time - and we credit this to her honesty & writing - relatable. At wildly different scales, we all have our challenges and look for ways to find joy, inspiration and ultimately, our inner strength. Through an extremely challenging hand, Jennifer found ways - and the time - to honor her INNER REBEL and still support her family AND our community.


Thank you Jennifer, we can’t wait to meet you and you are going to be an amazing POUND PRO!!!!


Click on the post below for Jenn's full story and winning entry 🙂