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MAY 22nd - JUNE 20th

With the year of the BOLT inspiring us to find our fire, we realized the magic that POUND can deliver to individuals. It is a place to belong – not by being the same, but by being different – and being yourself. So, this year, TOUR is all about finding your inner Fitness Rebel – and letting it RISE UP! To us, a Fitness Rebel is a human who honors movement and makes it their own. It’s a human that sees the beauty in being an individual and the power of being true to your inner badass. A fitness REBEL is BOLD, BRAVE, KIND and GENUINE. A Fitness Rebel does things their own way, so it’s time to find what works for you!

As a community we've committed to 6 workouts each week and resetting our minds, bodies and priorities. If you haven't already, sign up below and every Sunday, you’ll receive a new jammin’ POUND workout, learn new tricks, tweaks & recipes and meet the #noisemakers who have challenged the status quo and forged futures of their own. Everyone’s journey is unique, but one thing we’ve learned from ours is that great happiness and success are always better when shared (and celebrated!).

PLUS, one lucky rockstar will win a trip for two to POUND with us in LA!

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 Your 2017 Rise of the Rebel Road Map (everything you need to know & prep for tour!) 

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Rebel with us and smash your daily workouts, get your mmmm’s in with your Mixtape Meals, document your journey and MAKE NOISE. The more you connect with the POUND community, the better! Extra points for LOVING & SUPPORTING each other. Use #RISEOFTHEREBEL and tag @poundfit so we can follow along, complete an official entry form (released at the end of tour) and we’ll choose an outstanding #NOISEMAKER to join us in LA!


No before/after pictures necessary, we want to know how you FEEL!


One lucky ROCKSTAR will win a trip for 2 to POUND with us in Los Angeles, CA!