The Best Stretches For Your Body Post-POUND Class

Whether you’re a POUND Pro, you’re part of the POUND Posse, or you just like to #MAKENOISE at home with ROCKOUT RESULTS, you’re probably in need of a good stretch. And, if you’re rockin’ hard in POUND class (which we know you are), you better believe your muscles need a little extra lovin’. Not only will you lessen the extent of your soreness (wahoo!), you will keep your body safe, happy, and ready to rock.


Stretching does to your muscles what your workout does for your heart. It assists in maintaining their health as it helps to relax, lengthen, and restore. We know it’s hard to motivate yourself to sit in one spot after an exhilarating, active workout—trust us! But it’s essential and you will reap all the benefits of all the hard work you put in during your sweaty POUND class! In addition to giving your body some much needed TLC, stretching does all the following:

  • Helps improve flexibility and range of motion between joints, helping you work harder, reach further and get low-low-low-lower
  • Improves posture by lengthening tight muscles that pull areas of the body away from their intended position. Since we spend so much time at our computers, we develop tight chest muscles which pull the shoulders and head forward. If we don’t stretch properly, we begin to hunch over, causing all kinds of back and neck issues.
  • Helps prevent injury by keeping connective tissue supple and ready for the next jam session, or whatever else life throws your way.
  • Increases blood and nutrient supply to muscles post-exercise, reducing muscle soreness. (Ah-hem, we have ALL felt the post-POUND soreness in all its glory!)


POUND is literally a balancing act—your arms never stop moving and the harder you POUND, the more your Ripstix throw your body off balance. This balancing act causes constant deep muscle activation, which you might not be used to from any other workout and you’ll definitely feel in soreness the next day. Also, when you POUND, you work your hands, wrists, shoulders and chest more than a typical cardio workout.

When we first started POUND, we found ourselves sore in places we didn’t even realize we were working. That’s part of the magic of POUND!! We love hearing, “I could barely lift my arms!” or “I had to count to 3 to sit down!” after new POUND Posse’s very first POUND workouts! That means it’s working. We are sharing our very favorite Post-POUND Stretches created specifically for after a POUND workout to give the muscles you might not yet be acquainted with a little love.


DIRECTIONS: Hold each stretch for 30-40 seconds and avoid bouncing. Breathe deeply and as you exhale, imagine your muscles relaxing and lengthening. Gradually stretch a little further and get a little more flexible after each breath.

The Pretzel

STRETCHES: Triceps, shoulders and chest.
HOW TO: Hold both Ripstix in your right hand like an ice cream cone. Reach your hand behind your shoulder and grab the top of your sticks with your left hand behind your lower back. Lean to your left to add an oblique stretch.

The Crescent Moon

STRETCHES: Obliques and triceps.
HOW TO: Grab both sticks in both hands, raising them over head. Lean to your right, really reaching until you feel the oblique stretch. Hold for 30 seconds then switch to your left.

The Flamingo

STRETCHES: Hip flexors and quads.
HOW TO: Grab both Ripstix in your right hand and bend your left leg back, grabbing it with your left hand. Hold your sticks in front of you to balance or tap them against your right thigh to keep the beat. Hold for 30 seconds then switch—sticks in your left hand and right leg back.

The Wrist Watch

STRETCHES: Fingers, hands, wrists and forearms.
HOW TO: With your right palm facing the sky, grab your fingertips with your left hand and gently pull them down. Extend your elbow until you feel the stretch in your fingers, hands, wrists, and forearms. Hold for 30 seconds then switch hands.
ALTERNATIVE: Hold your right hand out like a stop sign and pull your fingers towards your body with your left hand, feeling the same stretch. Hold for 30 seconds then switch hands.

That last one is one of our FAVORITE stretches! There’s nothing better than releasing the tension in your hands and arms after a POUND workout—over 15,000 strikes is a LOT of work! Incorporate these four stretches into your post-POUND stretching routine or cool down and share your favorite stretches with us in the comments below


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