Refrigerator Refresh: Start Organizing Now

At POUND, we talk a lot about BALANCE. Sometimes it feels like overkill, but the second we stop thinking about it, it seems to slip away, along with our sanity! For us, one of the biggest measures of balance is what we put into our bodies everyday. We know that one night of wine can knock off our internal balance—but luckily, we also know how to knock it right back.

During the cold winter, balance can often be harder to achieve. Fresh food is harder to find and workouts are harder to get to—leaving the excuse drawer wide open! Now that we’re moving into spring, we want you to focus on hitting the REFRESH button in all parts of your life and reset the way you eat, work, and sleep.

If you’re using our brand new Nutrition Guide you know that grocery shopping and prepping are always on the top of our priority list! Just like a cluttered home can make you feel uninspired and flustered, a cluttered fridge can do the same! But don’t worry, we have a plan for you. Get your scrubbing gloves on posse, we’re going in!

‘Fridge Refresh:

  1. Unplug your fridge.
  2. Take everything out and set it on your counter.
  3. Toss, recycle or compost anything that is expired, moldy or oldy.
  4. Group items together: condiments + dressings, fruits, vegetables, cheese and meats, etc.
  5. Wipe the entire refrigerator clean. Remove and wash any shelves or drawers.
  6. When everything is dry and back in, organize your fridge so it makes sense for you.

This is how we roll:

  • Upper shelves: Herbs, water, drinks, leftovers
  • Doors: condiments, dressings, vinegars, single drinks
  • Lower shelves: dairy, meats and eggs
  • Lower drawers and shelves: Fruits and Veggies (separate)

Here are some of our favorite Tips and Tricks for a healthy, happy fridge:

  1. Purchase an Herb Holder. Herbs stay fresher, longer!
  2. Prepare Iced Green Tea and Fresh water in Glass Water Jugs. Now you have no excuse to grab a sugary sweet drink!
  3. Keep produce fresher, longer by storing them in air-tight glass containers. There’s nothing worse than throwing away great produce!
  4. Don’t Refrigerate: onions, tomatoes, potatoes
  5. Create your own personal salad bar: On Sunday, pre-cut all of your favorite salad toppings and put them in mason jars so they’re easy to grab. Keep your Salad Bar items organized by keeping them in a basket. When you’re ready to prep, grab a container, throw in your favorite salad base and choose your toppings. This cures the monotony of prepped meals!

POUND POSSE, now is the time to reset. Press the refresh button on your fridge, get prepped, grab your BALANCE GUIDE and get ready for spring! Will you give your refrigerator a #refridgerefresh?! Share your pictures and your organizational tips with us in the comments below!


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