4 Easy Headache Remedies

It’s a battle to make it through the week. And by the time Thursday rolls around, we’re fully clad in hypothetical Medieval armor, slaying emails, jousting through paperwork, and full-speed galloping towards the relief of Saturday. If your high-speed week happens to give you a high-caliber headache, we have just the solution for you—no battle-gear required.

Whether it’s eye-strain, stress, allergies, hormones, or fatigue that have gone to your HEAD, these simple, holistic solutions will tackle your HEADACHE, once-and-for-all!

1. Do the 12 ounce bounce-back: Dehydration is the leading cause of headaches, so when you feel one comin’ on, chug 12 ounces of water, right away! If you’re already deep in the headache zone, you should still sip to replenish your fluids, because hydration is extremely important.

2. Get back to the essentials…essential oils, that is: Lavender, peppermint, sandalwood and eucalyptus all have a calming effect on the nervous system, which can help relieve headaches. Dab a bit of peppermint on your wrists and temples for a cooling, menthol effect. Or, enjoy a few drops of lavender in a bath for a warming, soothing sensation.

3. Under pressure…ACU-pressure: Acupressure soothes headaches by relieving muscle tension and stimulating the release of endorphins. Test out each one of these acupressure points gently, massaging in a circular fashion. Add more pressure when you feel comfortable, and focus on each point for 2-3 minutes. We especially love the instant relief the temple and hand points bring, but sample all the zones below to find your personal fave:

  • The forehead, right between your brows
  • The temples
  • The back of the neck, directly at the base of your head
  • The top of the head, at the highest point
  • The hand, in the web between your thumb and 1st finger

4. The Plain White Teas: There’s nothing like a warm cup of tea to calm your aching head. When you’re hurting, reach for White Tea, ginger-infused brews or anything with a minty finish. When we’re both on-the-go, Starbucks Refresh tea is our must-have—it’s minty flavor always goes straight to our heads, in the best way!


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