The POUND Effect: Holly and Joey

We’re about to tell you about one of our favorite love stories. It wasn’t written by Disney or Mother Goose, but it is a true fairytale. It’s one we’ve been able to watch over the last couple of years, and recently, it’s one that we’ve seen transform right in front of our eyes.

We’re so inspired by this story that we want to share it with everyone. But honestly, we think one half of that love story tells it better than we ever could.

Meet Joey C, a guy’s guy who wouldn’t be caught dead in a group fitness class! With a few nudges from Holly (his beautiful girlfriend), he tried his first POUND class… and the rest is history.We love Holly and Joey and we LOVE what their story stands for. In life, and in relationships, we must always strive to challenge ourselves and each other. Taking risks will always lead to new doors, deeper understanding and unrivaled strength. Holly and Joey took a risk together, stuck it out, and reaped the benefits.

Their lives are forever changed, and so are ours. Holly and Joey have inspired us and our community at large. Comment below and wish them the happiest of Valentines Days!

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