The POUND Effect: Nelly and Kristi

Sometimes we don’t just “get by with a little help from our friends” but we are propelled forward. There are so many things that are better in twos: Ben and Jerry, Bert and Ernie, Thelma and Louise, Lucy and Ethel — the list goes on and on. When it comes to working out, the biggest challenge for so many people is motivation. Often, hitting the snooze button sounds a lot more attractive than getting yourself up and out of the house early enough to sweat then hustle to shower and get to work on time. BUT when someone is holding you accountable and is your “teammate”, it quickly becomes a little easier. In our minds, accountability is one form of motivation.

Let’s be real, working out is just more fun with a friend. It becomes less about the reps you’re doing or the number of minutes on the elliptical and more about being a partner-in-crime and working towards a common goal. That is something we love about you, #POUNDPosse – even though you might be miles apart, you connect with each other on such a special level because you’re all using POUND to reach your individual goals, together.

A before and after picture posted on Facebook by our youngest POUND Pro caught our eyes a couple months ago and sparked our intrigue. North Carolina POUND Pro Nelly Zavala posted a before and after picture of her and her best friend, Kristi Kazmierczak. They are a great example of working together and holding each other accountable to reach goals and even surpass them.If you know anything about our story, you know that our happenstance friendship sparked the idea that became POUND and that neither one of us, individually, could’ve done it alone. That’s why we wanted to highlight this young blossoming friendship. Get inspired by Nelly and Kristi’s story below.

Nelly and Kristi met in 7th grade and before they knew it, were fast friends. Circumstances put them in different high schools but their friendship continued and they found a common goal in getting fit together. It wasn’t long before they gave POUND a try and became hooked!

Part of the girls’ journey that really sticks out to us is how supportive they are of each other and their inspiring perspective. “We don’t really like to look at the scale to decide how fit we are. We are focusing on getting used to how we see ourselves.” As young girls, still getting to know who they are, we can’t imagine a more mature and more honest statement. Even as adults, we naturally constantly adjust to get comfortable (and remain comfortable) in our own skin. These ladies are way ahead of their time – and their results are a testament to their friendship.

Wendy, a fellow POUND Pro in NC, was the first POUND Pro in her community and it was at her class that Nelly and Kristi fell in love with POUND. Nelly hung out in the back row when she first started — and slowly, as her confidence grew, so did her energy and her passion for POUND. “She was shy at first – and she’s definitely an old soul in a young body,” says Wendy. “Pretender is HER SONG. During that first ab track, that quiet and reserved girl came right out of her shell and just started ROCKING OUT.” From that moment on, according to Wendy, Nelly became unstoppable, constantly supported inside and outside of the gym by her partner in crime.
Nelly admits there have been moments of doubt and frustration through her journey. That’s where the real magic of her and Kristi’s friendship comes in. When Nelly didn’t see the results she expected on the scale, Kristi assured her that how she felt mattered more than that number – a philosophy they’ve stuck to. When Kristi felt uncoordinated and like she couldn’t keep up in POUND, Nelly encouraged her to keep coming back and to not give up. #allthefeels

“I admire Nelly so much and she is an example to not only girls her age but also to older women. She decided she wanted to become a Pro and said to me ‘I’m passionate about this and I want to pursue it. What do I have to do to make this happen?’ without any fear or doubt.” says Wendy. “I’m so honored to be part of her journey and to be a mentor to her. And I love that she has Kristi. It’s so special that she can share this with a buddy. They feed off each other.”

Wendy has a really amazing approach to class. When she teaches group fitness classes, she is the teacher and she teaches a group of students — but when Wendy says she doesn’t TEACH POUND, she SHARES it. “The only difference between me and the rest of the class is that I know the choreography,” she says, a testament that we KNOW Nelly’s passion stemmed from.

Nelly and Kristi, we admire your beautiful friendship. Your dedication to each other is inspiring and that support will allow you to achieve the most amazing things — in the gym and beyond. Thank you for joining our family and sharing POUND with the people you love. We’re very proud and excited to continue to watch you grow!

Rock on, NC POUND Posse,
The POUND Girls


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