Peace Out 2015! We’re on the HIGHWAY TO WELL!

It’s only natural that, as a new year starts, you feel a deep pull inside to hit the reset button. Start over. You might feel like you let yourself go over the holidays or “this is the year that I’ll finally _________”. January is one of the biggest months in our industry. Everyone is re-committing themselves to health and fitness, but sometimes the new year feels like a huge case of “I’ll do it tomorrow.”  You know what we mean?

So we’re sitting here asking ourselves – Is it more important to set a goal for the year or take action on a daily basis?

You know the saying, “An idea is just an idea. Action is what makes it reality”?  It’s motivating and exciting to set a goal, to write it down, and plan for the future. But what will turn an idea into a certainty, a goal into an accomplishment, or a dream into reality?


Yea, we said it. WORK.

There is no fairy godmother to come wave her magic wand and create your ideal future out of thin air. You have to WORK. You have to show up, every day, with 100% of what you have.

POUND Posse, this YEAR is about WORK. It’s about the difference between good and great; between thinking and DOING.

To us, the HIGHWAY to WELL is about doing just that. It’s about making the most of each day, treating our bodies and minds like royalty, putting in the work to achieve our goals, and enjoying each stop on our journey throughout 2016. Life moves too fast. Let’s put some miles in, throw up some dirt and make some badass memories!



If you want it, work for it. No excuses. You are the only person that can make it happen.


Find something that you enjoy and do it for that very reason.


That means gossip, self-sabotage, jealousy and the like.


Surround yourself with people who lift you up and inspire you to be better.


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Comment below and tell us what your goals are as you join the HIGHWAY TO WELL! Whatever your journey will be, we will support you every step of the way! Use #HIGHWAYTOWELL on social media to ask for advice, support each other’s progress, and document YOUR journey!

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  1. My goal is to become a strong mom and role model for my son & family! From there, I’d like to start being a role model for others in my fitness journey!

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