June 8, 2015

Hair Tutorial: Triplet Braid Pony

Work-to-gym-to-wherever. Rock this Triplet Braid Pony to your next POUND class! Amber Bruehl breaks down the steps in this hair tutorial! #howto #ontheblog #standout #hair...

September 27, 2016

NOISEMAKER: Stacy Nadeau

In 2005, Dove rebelled against society's perception of female beauty with their Campaign for Real Beauty. They highlighted the beauty in the world around us using REAL women -- and subsequently confronted the body image conversation head on, changing the lives of millions of women around the world. Stacy Nadeau was one of the original models from the campaign and has made it her mission to shift the perception of perfection in women's minds around the world -- and with an...

Rebel School POUND Outfit Inspiration
September 14, 2016

Wear It Like A Rebel

Shop Vania's School Girl Chic Look:  POUND Pro Cropped Tee (POUND Pro version available exclusively in the Pro Shop) Plaid Skirt, Dr. Marten's Boots   Shop Jason's Graphic Genius Look: POUND Posse T-Shirt Cuffed Jeans, POUND+State Backpack   Shop Vania's Rebel Rocker Look: Onzie Elastic Band Logo Bra, Onzie Elastic Shorts Victory Logo Burnout Shorts, NIKE Kicks   Shop Krystyna's Athleisure Uniform Look: Comfy white tank Rockout Workout Joggers, Adidas NEOs   Shop Vania's Fitness Rebel Look: Fitness Rebel Cropped Tee, Favorite Flannel LVR Mineral Wash Leggings, Dr. Marten's Boots ...

September 6, 2016

Welcome to Rebel School

As POUND Pros, part of your job is to inspire new participants to come to class, to motivate new participants to reattend, and to retain and develop your loyal posse members. Although there are several factors that play into the reasons why a participant attends his or her first class and continues to attend over time (like programming, music, instructor leadership, schedule convenience, etc.), today we want to focus on the key aspect we believe...

August 30, 2016


Applications are due Sunday September 18, 2016 by 11:59PM PDT (No extensions granted. Late applications are not accepted. All applications are time stamped.)  At POUND we embrace all body types, ages and abilities, we believe in the power of music and drumming, we honor the decision each participant makes to walk into a group fitness class, and above all we strive to build worldwide camaraderie and community. Our core values inspire us, every day, to make noise and...