3 Ways To Go Green and Get Clean

Going into the wild inspires us to slough off the old (and dusty) to make room for the new. We’re making small changes (tweaks!) to refresh this month. We’re going green and getting CLEAN! Here’s how:

1. Unplug:

Do yourself a favor and embark on a digital cleanse! Do you check Instagram before your feet even touch the floor in the morning? (Guilty). And how often do you see someone walking down the street without their iPhone in hand? (Rarely). Take a digital cleanse and challenge yourself to be present where you are. This doesn’t mean ignoring your phone for the whole day, it means intentionally leaving your phone in your purse and taking more time embracing the connection with your surroundings instead of your social networks.

This is understandably hard for some of us – we LOVE social media because it’s our connection to YOU! But when we get home after a long day in front of the screen, it’s important for us to unplug (and silence!) and make the most of the real face time we get with our families and loved ones, cooking dinner, chatting about the day, and decompressing. That Instagram notification can wait until morning. So can that email. 😉

2. Sustainable is Sexy:

There are items that we all inevitably need to buy – toilet paper, household cleaning products, soaps/cleansers, etc. Tweaking everyday purchasing decisions can make a HUGE difference to the health of our planet! Here are some of our favorite earth friendly swaps!

  • Swap 409 for Method or Mrs. Meyer All Purpose Cleaner: 
    • Household cleaners are a staple within any home – but most of the time, we’re unaware that we’re purchasing potentially harmful products. When purchasing cleaners, swap out chemical-filled bargain brands with earth-friendly choices like Seventh Generation, Mrs. Meyers, and Method! These companies make responsible ingredient decisions (and actually list ALL the ingredients to you!), leave your home feeling fresh + clean, and they’re available at Target!


  • Swap Synthetically-Produced Antibacterial Soap for Eco-Friendly Options:
    • Soap is another item that we just mindlessly throw in our shopping cart when we’re out, right? Not anymore! Tweak your purchase decision and pay attention to what you’re using on your body! The chemicals used in the production process of these soaps can be harmful in many ways. Choose natural soap options sold at your local farmer’s market or even make some at home! All you need is a little shea butter, rolled oats, almond oil, and honey for this soap recipe from Free People!


  • Swap Plastic Water Bottles for a sustainable POUND H2O Bottle
    • Production of plastic omits toxins into the atmosphere and each bottle contains harmful chemicals. They can take decades to decompose, filling up our landfills to the brim. Using a sustainable POUND H2O Bottle will help you decrease your carbon footprint, save money by using tap/filtered water from your home, and give you a BPA-free, lead-free solution to stay hydrated!


3. Donate:

Do a closet clean out, bag up those clothes you haven’t worn in over a year, and bring them to your local donation center. Not only does this help people who might not be fortunate enough to shop at a department store or mall – but it also clears the clutter in your space and gives you a chance to slough off the old to make room for the new. Ironically, cleaning out your closet will do more mentally for you than anything else! Feeling that fresh start and knowing that you’re not holding onto old baggage will give you a little more pep in your step as you dress yourself for success every morning!

Take these tips and apply them to your routine to refresh this March! Report back to us (after your digital cleanse 😉 ) and use #intothewild on Instagram so we can follow your progress! As always, we’re all together on this #highwaytowell! See you on the road!




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