3 Ways to Relax from Home for FREE

We find ourselves in a time of uncertainty and because of this we know that self care is more important than ever. With most of the world at home, we decided to put together a list of three easy and free things to do to unwind. If you’re not making me time a priority, now is the time. Block out some time on your calendar for a little R&R and try one of these FREE and easy ways to RELAX! 

Write in a Journal 
Pick up a pen and let it go on paper! Whether it’s ten minutes in the morning or ten minutes before bed, spend some time decompressing your mind. Journal through your thoughts, feelings, goals and dreams! 

Fun Fact:  Did you know that journaling is proven to improve not only your mental health but your memory and self awareness? 

Let’s get you started! Keep it old school with a traditional notebook or use a FREE journaling app such as; One Day or Momento

Meditation is simple and FREE, but not necessarily easy. Our bodies are trained to constantly think and react, while meditation calls us to achieve a delicate balance between alertness and relaxation. 

How do you start? 

First, get comfortable. Set your space, clear the clutter and sit comfortably on a cushion, chair, couch, or bed. 

Second, start to connect with your breath. Feel your breath move throughout your body. 

Third, find your why. Reflect on why you are taking this time to disconnect.

Lastly (and most important!), set your mind free. Spend 20-30 seconds still. Whatever happens is fine, just let your mind simply be. 

If you like more of a guided meditation there are many free apps that are available. Our favorites are: 

Take a Bath 
Time to scrub a dub dub your stresses away by drawing yourself a relaxation bath. It’s easy! Just turn on a peaceful playlist, light your favorite candle, pour yourself a glass of wine and let your mind take you to the spa (or your favorite place on earth!). 

Looking for something more luxurious? Add in epsom salt, essential oils, bath bombs or herbal tea leaves to take your bath to the next level.



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