5 Post-POUND Products We Can Get Behind

When your Ripstix® touch the pavement or strike your yoga mat (or rug!) for the final beat of your last track, your heart racing and adrenaline pumping as your class comes to an end, what’s your favorite post-class routine? We recommend grabbing a sip of water to rehydrate, taking five to catch your breath, then grabbing your gym bag and making a pit stop at the ladies room to freshen up. In true POUND® style, we think you should do so with products that are equally as good for your body as the workout you just endured.

With so many quick-fix items on the market made for grab-and-go convenience, it’s not always easy to determine which ones are actually healthy to incorporate into your daily routine. A lot of cosmetics are unfortunately formulated with toxic chemicals and other ingredients you can’t pronounce. Here at POUND®, we want you to feel your best in the studio, and use your best judgement when it comes to the products you’re using on your skin. Ultimately, what you massage into your complexion and all over your body is going to be absorbed internally as well. Therefore, it’s important to be aware of these not-so minute details, and to help you out, here are 5 non-toxic, POUND-approved products for your post-workout regimen.

1. sweatWELLth Power Shower Post Workout Cleansing Spray

$25, sweatWELLth.comYou gave your last track all you had, and the sweat dripping down your face and back is proof of that. You feel amazing, as you should, but you’re also starving. When the post-workout munchies persuade you to catch up with friends for brunch instead of shower, a quick spritz of the sweatWELLth Power Shower Post Workout Cleansing Spray is going to be your saving grace. Just throw the bottle into your gym bag and spray from head to toe (and maybe once over again for good measure). The formula features the brand’s own proprietary blend of “feel-good ingredients” like jojoba, coconut oil, and antioxidants to balance your pH, soften skin, and leave you smelling fresh.

2. Ursa Major Essential Face Wipes

$24, ursamajorvt.com Now that you’ve sprayed your post workout cleansing spray, you feel refreshed and smell nice, but what about your face? We all know that breaking a sweat is good for our mind, body, and inner rockstar, but leaving sweat to dry on our faces can cause some serious irritation. Enter Ursa Major Essential Face Wipes: Each is, essentially, a four-in-one cloth infused with the brand’s Essential Facial Tonic Blend with ingredients like green tea, aloe, sugarcane, and willow bar for a gentle wash that acts as an exfoliant, clarifier, and cleanser offering you all the effects of a liquid with just a few dabs over the face.

3. Amika Perk Up Dry Shampoo

$25, sephora.comAt POUND®, finding your beat is the number one priority, but taming sweaty strands comes at a close second. Your first order of business is to find ways to rock your gym hair that won’t get in the way of performance, your second is to invest in a dry shampoo that’ll live in your gym bag for post-workout touch ups. Finding a high quality, non-toxic dry shampoo is actually a lot more difficult than you might think, but Amika’s Perk Up formula is talc-, aluminum-, formaldehyde-free, and, bonus, only 10 bucks for a mini bottle. Lightly scented with Sea Buckthorn Berry, this spray is aromatic and volumizing, made with natural rice starch to soak up oils and literally perk up strands that might’ve lost their body on a breakdown or two. Plus, it’s PETA-approved, which means this bad boy is cruelty-free.

4. Clinique’s CliniqueFIT Post-Workout Mattifying Moisturizer

$29.50, ulta.com When you go hard at the gym and go home to freshen up, you ideally want to reach for products that absorb any oils and sweat still lingering from your workout. Because your body inevitably lost moisture, you need to replenish with a hydrating balm; the question is, how do you go about doing so without it shining up your complexion? CliniqueFIT’s Post-Workout Mattifying Moisturizer quenches your skin’s thirst sans sticky residue and shine. What’s more, it’s super lightweight with ingredients like cucumber extract for a fresh burst of hydration and as it salvages your complexion, it simultaneously mattifies it, so the only time you’ll shine is when the beat drops.

5. EOS Lavender Cleansing Wipes

$13.99, eoproducts.com

As concerned as we are for your skin and all, here at POUND®, freshening up post-workout means tending to our Ripstix®, too.

EOS Lavender Cleansing Wipes are great to store in your gym bag and whip out after a session either right in the POUND® studio (your instructor will be so impressed) or in your car if you want to avoid having to share when the posse catches on to your brilliant idea. Each individual sanitizing cloth is made from bamboo materials and infused with lavender essential oil, jojoba seed oil, and chamomile extract for a gentle, lovely scented cleansing formula that’s powerful enough to be 99.9 percent effective towards common germs.

Or, if you’re feeling particularly fancy, you can DIY your own Ripstix® cleaner at home. All you’ll need is an essential oil (We recommend Saje’s Tea Tree Oil as it’s antibacterial), water for diluting, and a spray bottle. Mix the water and oil together, shake well and simply spritz over your stix.

Did we miss some of your favorite post-class products to freshen up with? Feel free to share them with us or comment below. See you in class, Rockstars!



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  1. So excited about these products! I started throwing a rose water facial mist into my bag during our outdoor Pound in the Park series this summer and would spritz my face during water breaks. I loved it so much I’m using it back inside the studio. It’s super refreshing and great for your skin! ???

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