5 Tips to Keeping Kids Motivated To Move at Home

The COVID-19 pandemic has made a significant impact on people’s lives across the globe.  With thousands of kids still not being able to physically attend school or care programs, parents all over the world are juggling working from home AND educating their kids in new ‘at home learning’ environments. Talk about superheroes! 

With so many new and unfamiliar challenges, it’s more important than ever to keep kids physically active on a regular basis. Public health scientists have put out reports predicting that school closures from the pandemic will increase risk factors for childhood obesity – and we know of one way to help keep kids active! As a community of NOISE MAKERS, we’re here to inspire parents to promote physical activity by making exercise FUN and attainable! 

Here are 5 tips to help keep kids active while learning from home. 

    10 minutes each day keeps the doctor away! Jokes aside, nothing makes exercise FUN AGAIN like handing your kids a magical pair of bright green Ripstix and giving them the permission to ROCK!  Lead your kiddos through a POUND or Generation POUND track, have them do a quickie on Backstage, or just let them experiment with movement and make their own beats. . Together, you’ll l wiggle, laugh, move, and ROCK their way to a more active family routine. (And you’ll gain a little sidekick in your next personal virtual POUND class.) #ProsInTheMaking #FutureRockstars

    A walk down your street, a romp around the yard with the dogs, a quick bike ride or swim, or a stroll to the playground can make a huge difference in your family’s day. (But really – fresh air will increase your energy and lower anxiety too!) Remember to be safe and observe social distancing guidelines in your area.

    Pretend that the floor is hot lava, design a card game where each suit stands for an activity (i.e. jumping jacks or pushups), build an obstacle course out of toys and pillows, or invite the kids to an impromptu yoga or stretch session!

    Need we say more? Tune into POUND’s Spotify account, press play on our family playlists, pick up the beat and get lost in the pleasure of moving to it! There are scientifically proven benefits behind music’s ability to turn a bad mood into a good one (which is why it’s key to our formula at POUND). Music increases bonding, improves fitness, reduces stress, and boosts self-esteem. Studies show that impromptu dance parties can have a huge impact on overall health and happiness!

    Whether its POUND class, 15 minutes of GoNoodle or YouTube movement videos, a game of chalk-scribbled hopscotch in the driveway, or even a hula hoop competition – make a routine and stick to it! For kids that really miss the structure of their normal routines, it’s nice to even create a timetable for home. ( i.e. Breakfast at 7:30. Reading at 9. “Activity break” at 10:30. Online programs at 11. Lunch break at noon. Art projects at 1pm and so on… or whatever works for you!) 

Have more fun ideas to share?  Comment below and tell us what you and YOUR little noisemakers do to keep moving!

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