BGC // Ep #14: Dynasti Hunt, Ariel Belgrave & Percell Dugger

On The Black Fitness Experience

Join us for a special episode presented by GROUP X UNITED, where moderator Dynasti Hunt an awarding winning Talent and Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Leader, sits down with Ariel Belgrave, Founder of Gym Hooky & Under Armour Athlete and Percell Dugger, Founder of GOODWRK & Fit For Us. 

Size representation, pay gaps, sustainable living within underprivileged communities. Listen to how our guests show up and stand out while going through and supporting the black fitness experience in their communities. 


1:51 Dynasti Hunt introduction 

2:36 Ariel Belgrave introduction

3:33 Percell Duggar introduction 

5:34 What got Ariel and Percell into the fitness space and that pivotal moment for their career

6:10 The concept of fitness outside of a sport and how to make it fun 

11:14 Creating a business that was able to scale, accessible and inclusive while impacting the community

12:16 Making fitness accessible for everyone

16:25 Ariel discusses her experience as a black fitness professional, influencer and model

17:59 The transition from working in corporate tech and fitness and how to market your value

21:15 Pay gaps and the expectations of Black fitness instructors 

22:49 How companies can learn to treat black fitness leaders fairly and equitably in the fitness space 

34:17 The downfall of focusing on representation for tokenization sake but learning to bring perspectives

38:30 Learning to commit to our communities to bring quality resources and representation

41:08 Society learning to lean into its own discomfort and doing the work to make fitness more accessible 

44:57 Creating true partnership and partnering and how to make sure that they are truly authentic

45:30 Creating allyship and partnership to support the black community to make these changes 

47:37 Ways to further your relationship with self-care


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