BGC // Ep #17: Catherine Marks

On the Journey and Learnings of Being a Badass Female Music Producer

Catherine Marks is a Melbourne born, London based, award winning Producer, Mixer and Engineer. With over 15 years experience, she takes us through her journey to becoming one the first female producers in the music industry, gives us the lowdown on music production and how she continues to walk like a badass behind the music today. 


5:00 – Catherine chats about her upbringing as a child, where she grew up and what the experience was like for her 

16:00 – Journey as female producer in the music industry and challenges faced 

20:52 – Experiences in the earlier days being a female and the result of those experiences. 

30:59 – The turning points for what caused change and learnings on how you should be treated and the ways to present yourself in the industry 

34:02 – What is producing and the process of music producing 

42:30 – Catherine’s favorite memory, song, and/or album 

44:33 – A time where rebelliousness kicked in that served Catherine in her career 

48:06 – POUND pods and how to learn, absorb sheet music quickly 

52:07 – What do you listen to on your ear cleanse days? 

57:33 – Artists that the POUND community might not have heard of and should look out for


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