BGC // Ep #1: Minds before Bodies

Warning: this episode may be trigging for certain individuals. Discretion is advised. In this episode, we’re talking to some of our favorite experts and advocates about mental health, creating awareness, ending the stigmas and tangible ways to be mindful in real life. We’ll be diving into the roles of leaders & companies and how we bring awareness to our communities.

About The Big Green Couch

 The Big Green Couch is a topical series brought to you by POUND Fitness. Tune in as POUND CEO + Co-creator Kirsten Potenza chats with noisemakers who rebelliously lead their industries and have bold viewpoints on the subject we’re covering. Our mission is to bring forward meaningful and thought-provoking conversations around topics that are important to our community and add value to their overall wellness journey. Subscribe on iTunes or Spotify and never miss an episode from POUND sparking candid convos and inspiration!



5 Responses

  1. Thank you so much for this Podcase! I’ve battled a rare seizure condition caused by anxiety since the age of 15 years. I have been seizure free for approximately 9 years now with out the aid of medication. Exercise was one of the few ways I could be active without having a seizure. I became a Pro in 2016, and it has taken me on a journey to self acceptance. Both in body and mind.

    So much luv!

  2. THANK you! For doing this! It was AMAZING! I’m so lucky that I’m part of this beautiful community!

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