FIBO – Behind The Scenes

If you follow along with us on social media, it’s guaranteed you’ve heard a time or two (or a hundred :P) about an event called FIBO. FIBO is one of the largest fitness expos in the world. Companies and fitness fanatics come far and wide to connect, learn, and workout with one another. For POUND, each year gets louder and LOUDER.
When it comes to FIBO there are a few things you should know.

  1. Music speaks louder than words. FIBO takes place in Cologne, Germany and people from all over the world came to check out the latest and greatest in fitness. The result of this… language barriers. But that didn’t stop us. Thanks to the power of music and our global family (ICONs, Tour Crew members and POUND posse) we were able to communicate POUND to all who stopped by the booth.
  2. It’s a marathon not a sprint. This is not your typical fitness convention. It is made up of four full days of constant movement. Lots of water, hummus wraps, coffee and team spirit are key to keeping the energy high (and the jet lag from hitting you).
  3. Lots of sweat and sore muscles. Did you know that throughout FIBO the team will perform 2 stage demos and 2 booth demos a day for FOUR days straight. So take that post POUND class feeling and multiply it by 16! That’s what these badass ICONs achieve in a week of FIBO.
  4. FIBO power is a real thing. By the end of the fourth day we can’t help but stop and wonder… how are we still moving? The answer to this question: FIBO POWER. The energy in this convention is one unlike any other, filled with thousands of people you can’t help but be revived by human connection.
  5. Dance parties. Need we say more?

Check out the video below to go BEHIND THE SCENES with us and experience first hand what FIBO is all about. Special thanks to our incredible and endlessly talented team of ICONs (Pia, Magda, Daniela and Amber), Tour Crew members (Vanessa and Louisa), and drummer, Curtis! We couldn’t do any of this without their hard work, constant positivity, jokes and smiles. 

Bring the POWER of FIBO to your community by launching POUND!

With trainings scheduled across the UK, Europe and Asia, there are plenty of opportunities to let the music move you! It’s time for you to join the LOUDEST family of Fitness Rebels in the world.  Find a training near you! 



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