Get Ready, Get Set: Setting realistic goals and expectations

Hey TOURmates!

We can’t tell you how excited we are to start TOUR. We’re spending this week setting our intentions for the month to come and thought it might be nice to do a little pre-tour exercise as a community.

Our entire team at POUND HQ has a TOUR Journal. In the week leading up to TOUR, we’re taking notes; we’re writing down what we eat, how we’re feeling (emotionally, phsyically, and mentally), and we’re setting out goals and intentions for TOUR. The goal of this exercise is to document now so you’re able to look back after TOUR and highlight growth in any (and all) areas. Are you consuming mostly processed foods? Not getting enough sleep? Feeling less sharp at work? Getting really tired after certain meals? Journaling daily can really highlight habits that you might not otherwise notice as you move through your days and weeks.

POUND Highway To Well Journals

Grab one of our favorite journals: 1. Ampersand – Kate Spade // 2. Bucket List – Axel & Ash // 3. Killing It – Urban Outfitters // 4. Keep Your Head Up – Urban Outfitters // 5. Polka Dot – Sugar Paper // 6. Luna – Urban Outfitters

Take the time to sit and write each day – even if it’s just 5 minutes! Motivate yourself by going out to your favorite store and picking a journal that inspires you and compliments your personality. Take time this week to set your goals and expectations for TOUR. Give yourself a starting place before we kick things off on May 1. Are you looking forward to creating new habits? (We are!) Want to become the balanced badass that you always knew you were? (You can!) Eagerly ready to make new friends and support the community? (YAAS!) Make this journey about YOU, and becoming a better version of you.

Always on the persistent pursuit of progress.




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