How To Unleash Rockstars In Your POUND Classes!


Everyone has an inner rockstar. It is who we are at our core. It is our truest expression (or expressions!) of self.  Our inner rockstar can be any combination of bold, edgy, kind, confident, deliberate, thoughtful, loud and more!  When we unleash the rockstar within, a feeling of lightness and freedom follows. People turn to fitness for many different reasons: to build confidence, to boost their mood, to enhance their self-image, to improve their health, to lose weight, etc. As POUND® Pros, we can promote these unique goals in a safe, non-judgmental space that we get to create. By encouraging self-expression and acceptance, we can amplify the mood-boosting benefits of POUND®.

POUND® Rockout Workout was built on the recognition that people who are given the permission to be their most authentic selves are happier, more confident, and consequently, more likely to believe in and stick to their health and fitness goals. Being and believing in WHO we are allows us to acknowledge that we are worth the time and investment that is required for good health and self-care.


Inclusive, empowering spaces combined with stellar class instruction (curated Set Lists, perfected playlists, rehearsed cues and modifications, high-energy, etc.), shape addictive experiences that help keep classes filled week after week.  To help participants unleash the rockstar within, start by taking a look at your weekly and monthly class schedules. Are your POUND® class offerings dynamic and unique or do they speak to a narrow range of interests? By ensuring a wide variety of different classes (15-minute, 30-minute and 45-minute) curated to Set Lists that are musically diverse and interesting, we attract participants with many different interests, experiences and goals. When we are surrounded by different types of people sharing similar goals and interests, we are subconsciously inspired to show up authentically ourselves.

One of my favorite team-builders is to have different POUND® instructors teach 15-minute demos of their favorite Set List at monthly in-services. This allows the team to experience each other’s energy and style and helps encourage instructors to start talking about each other’s classes.  The louder and more supportive the Pro team is, the stronger and more energized the entire POUND® schedule will be. Not in charge of your facility’s in-services? Lead the way and set an example by attending your colleagues’ classes and then giving them a loud and proud shout-out on social media as well as in your own POUND® classes. Don’t stop at attending other Pros’ classes only at your gym, but attend the POUND® classes of Pros at other facilities in your community as well! Another great idea is offering to co-teach with other Pros in your area. The first step is to simply reach out and make the connection! At POUND® we believe that what we put out there usually comes back to us 10-fold and history has taught us to believe in the power of cross-promotion and Pros supporting Pros.


Instructors who commit to transitioning from a no-name to a first-name basis create meaningful relationships with their class participants that not only inspire a loyal following, but also embolden their participants to show up each class and work towards their goals. Creating opportunities for socialization inside and outside of class (e.g., everyone goes out after class on ‘Smoothie Saturdays’ to chat and catch up on each other’s lives) helps transform a group fitness experience into a fun community event. Socialization and community promote individuality because participants are being SEEN and accepted for who they are. Knowing that the instructor and the class knows your name is one heck of an accountability tool and helps promote a genuine sense of belonging.

There are so many subtle yet amazing opportunities for Pros to encourage individuality and embrace authenticity in their POUND® classes. All it takes is a commitment to search the opportunities out and then honor their importance week after week. When we show up as rockstars, we will ultimately inspire the same. So, maybe, the very first step is simply unleashing the rockstar that exists within YOU!




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