HQ Tries: Celery Juice

If you spend any time on social media, we’re sure you’ve heard of the latest craze: #celeryjuice. Fitness influencers and health bloggers alike are boasting about the amazing effects the bright green juice has on their skin, the focus it brings them, and how its healing their bodies from the inside out. We know that celery is a good source of fiber, antioxidants, potassium, and vitamin K, and has been known to reduce inflammation and lower cholesterol levels, so we decided to see what all the hype was about and give it a try. For one week, we juiced a cup of celery juice for HQ each morning, read on to see what everyone thought!

For a full breakdown and guide of the celery juice cleanse, click here.

HQ Review: Liked it!

HQ Member: Nic
Duration: 5 Days
Review: ” I enjoyed it surprisingly, it tasted clean and fresh, although I would have liked it better with added ginger and lemon! As far as benefits, I may not have done it long enough to actually experience a difference, but I didn’t notice a huge energy boost or any cleansing effects. It made me feel a little bloated on the third day. I might try a full 30-day cleanse soon, or I might just be immune to immediate benefits of juicing because I drink ginger juice and green juice almost daily. “

HQ Review: Liked it!

HQ Member: Sandy
Duration: 5 Days
Review: “Upon first sip I was like ohhh, interesting but maybe not in the best way.  After the second and third sips I began to LIKE it. As Shannon mentioned it is salty but I love salt, so I enjoyed this part.  While I did not experience any long term benefits in the 5 days I certainly felt healthier drinking this yummy juice in the AM. Also, and most importantly I did experience a reduction in my usual morning HANGER; which is usually very annoying and can only be tamed by a hearty meal. Overall, def worth a try!

HQ Review: Liked it!

HQ Member: Shannon
Duration: 5 Days
Review: “I found celery juice to be an enjoyable breakfast beverage. The taste is fresh and just a little salty. It was easy to drink. I didn’t notice much of a difference in only 5 short days but it felt like a good choice for starting the day. I’m not sure how consistently, but it is something I plan to continue drinking.”

HQ Review: Loved it!

HQ Member: Audrey
Duration: 21 days + counting
Review:“I was shocked by the refreshing taste. I’m not usually a big fan of celery so I found it surprising when I woke up on just day 2 craving my juice. One of the things I noticed was that having the juice first thing in the morning helped me slow down. Many mornings, I would routinely make breakfast and rush to eat it. With the juice, I had to wait for it to work it’s magic before consuming anything. This helped me not overeat and pay attention to cravings versus hunger.

Day 3 – I began to feel the cleansing happening. My stomach was gurgling and there was more bowel movements than usual.

Day 14 – I began to feel like the celery juice had fully made its way through my system. I feel a decrease in inflammation and my bowel movements were back to normal.

I tend to suffer from unbalanced PH levels and tend to run more on the acidic side, this in particular is where I felt the most difference. My mouth didn’t suffer from canker sores like it usually does, especially after drinking alcohol. I also noticed a difference in my skin. Glowing is an understatement! I have also stayed healthy through this cold season which I am super happy about!

I would recommend sticking to this for at least a month and sticking to organic produce when possible!

HQ Review: Liked it!

HQ Member: Chelsea
Duration: 3 Days
Review: “I didn’t LOVE the taste (I’ve juiced an apple in my Celery juice before to sweeten it up – totally not the point), but I also didn’t really mind it. I think if I had 8-16 oz first thing before eating I could totally sustain it, but I would want to strain next time. I don’t know that I drank enough/long enough to have any outstanding bodily function changes, but I do think that I made healthier eating choices throughout the day by kickstarting with the celery juice!

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